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could help fund milestone cards, which capture and celebrate the unique journeys of premature babies like Lilly Kate for their worried families.
could help buy bottle warmers, which ensure babies get the nutrients they need to grow bigger and go home sooner.
could go towards four new Giraffe Warmer beds, to keep premature and sick babies connected to their family’s love and our life-saving care.

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Please send your Christmas gift today to help towards the $180,000 needed to ensure babies like Lilly Kate have the very best start to life.

“Her Giraffe Warmer bed was the closest thing to being in a womb. She probably wouldn’t be alive without it.”

- Emily Kate, whose daughter Lilly Kate was born 14 weeks early.

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This is Lilly Kate’s story.

Emily Kate always dreamed of becoming a mum, but her doctors told her it might be difficult for her to fall pregnant.

She and her partner Keenan were overjoyed when they found out they would welcome a baby girl. 
But six months later, Emily Kate felt sharp pains and was rushed to Mater Mothers' Hospital.

Lilly Kate was born 14 weeks premature by emergency caesarean weighing just 800 grams—less than a loaf of bread.  

She was immediately rushed into Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU) for the help she needed to survive.
Hours later, Emily Kate finally met her little girl briefly for the first time. Lilly Kate was being kept alive in a temperature-controlled bed called a ’Giraffe bed’.

“I just got to see my baby’s mouth, and I heard her little squeal before she was taken away,” Emily Kate, her mum, said.

Two long, scary days passed before they would have their first cuddle. Emily Kate remembered:

“It was the most emotional thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was so scary just having her on my chest because she was so tiny and was connected to all these little cables. But it was so special. I held her for about two-and-a-half hours.”

Lilly Kate still has a lot of challenges ahead. But she is getting stronger day after day.

Her mum is hopeful that her little warrior will soon be big enough for her newborn clothes. Her family can’t wait to finally be together and to celebrate Lilly Kate’s first Christmas.

As Emily Kate reflects:

My baby hit rock bottom but she fought through thanks to her Giraffe bed and the wonderful nurses around her constantly. Without those beds and that care, babies like mine wouldn’t survive."

Baby Lilly Kate pulled through thanks to the extraordinary care of Mater, and big-hearted people like you. But more sick and tiny babies will be rushed into our NCCU this Christmas.

Will you please donate today to help purchase life-changing equipment for our tiniest and most fragile patients? 
You couldn’t give a more beautiful Christmas gift to babies like Lilly Kate and their families.

Your generosity this Christmas will provide our tiniest patients with the very best start to life.

Premature and severely ill patients like Lilly Kate require intensive care after birth and are extremely vulnerable to even the smallest changes to their environment.


Help purchase four new state-of-the-art Giraffe Beds to keep premature and sick babies connected to their familys love and Mater's life-changing care.

These beds will ensure:

  • the most prompt and critical care is provided, keeping the baby safe, warm and comfortable, as these beds have life-saving resuscitation capabilities.

  • the best care possible is provided with little disruption to fragile babies. These beds have a surgical platform allowing the transport of babies to specialised care. A rotating mattress and a built-in weight scale also ensure a developmentally supportive environment.

Your generosity will also provide
 bottle warmers, designed to protect the nutrients of breast and formula milk for very underweight babies.

Bottle warmers are an important piece of equipment within Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit.

These warmers give premature and critically ill babies, like Lilly Kate the nutrients they need, served at the exact temperature from their mum’s body to grow bigger and go home sooner.


Thanks to you, more milestone cards could be provided so families can capture and celebrate their little one’s achievements in the hospital.

These cards will ensure mothers like Emily Kate celebrate, capture and document their unique journey at NCCU.

After all, reaching developmental milestones may take a little longer for premature babies compared to babies born at full term.

These cards help parents understand these special milestones and celebrate them.

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Thank you for your kindness this Christmas

Emily Kate, Lilly Kate’s mum, is incredibly thankful for supporters like you.

If you have not donated yet, it’s not too late to help purchase life-changing equipment for our tiniest and most fragile patients. 

You couldn’t give a more beautiful Christmas gift to babies like Lilly Kate and their families.

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Please donate before 25 December


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