The virtual experience

The Virtual Experience

Excited for challenge week?

As you complete your 100KM or 200KM in support of people with cancer, we have created a Challenge Week virtual experience for you to take part in along the way. To make your ride a little extra fun!

There are a series of seven sections to the journey - 7 sections for 7 days – each section has a corresponding activity or virtual experience.

Once you complete all the sections and ‘Finish’ the last section there will be a special virtual celebration just for you!

What to expect and how to get started

Getting started

How do I get to the virtual experience?

Just head to your Fundraising Dashboard, on Monday, 6 September you will need to be logged in - and the Virtual Event week experience will automatically be on your page... you might need to scroll down a little!

Don't worry you will receive an SMS on Monday with a link to the page.

How do I start the Virtual Experience?

Just the Day 1 button on the first section and off you go! You can do the sections in your own time but we recommend doing a section/activity per day to make the most of your week.

What happens if I don’t start on Day 1?

You don't have to start at Day 1 you can still complete all the sections, no matter what order –once your complete all the sections enjoy the virtual celebration until you have completed all the sections (including the start).

Completing the 7 sections

How do I complete a section?

Just click the DAY on each section and take part in the activity; once you have completed the section it will highlight yellow to show it’s completed.

Do I have to do all the sections?

You can do as many of the sections as you like –although you can’t press FINISH and enjoy the virtual celebration until you have completed all the sections.

Do I have to post to the virtual Tribute Wall?

It’s up to you if you want to share your tribute on the tribute wall. But it’s great way to honour those you’reare riding for this week. However you can still complete the sections if you don’t post of the tribute wall.

I didn't press anything and some of my sections have been completed - is this right?

Some of the sections will complete 'automatically' - if you have linked your Strava to you Fundraising Dashboard and go for a ride, the system will recognise this itself within 24hrs. 

Elevate your challenge week experience and link your 

If you haven’t already log in and sync Strava to your Fundraising Page

It’s easy!

  • If you don't have Strava - Download Strava on your preferred device and set up an account.
  • Login to your fundraising page
  • On your fundraising page click on the-My Fitness Activity tab
  • Click on the Strava button.

If you haven’t got Strava and don’t want to create an account – no worries you can still log your Kms during the week manually.

Remember if you have been logging training kilometres in the lead up to Challenge Week these will be removed Sunday 5 September and we can all start the Challenge afresh.