Seven steps to help you fundraise

Asking for a donation can be difficult for some people, but for others it comes easily.

There are many ways to ask for a donation, but before you jump in, there are a few things you can do first that will make your ask as effective as it can be.

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Step 1

Personalise your page 

Tell your supporters why you are taking on the Far North Queensland Challenge and why you'd like them to support you.

Step 2

Set yourself a goal

Let your supporters know what your fundraising goal is.  We reccomend setting yourself a stretch goal above the minimum and really reach for the stars.

Step 3

Donate to yourself

History shows us that by donating to yourself you are setting the benchmark for others to follow and this increases the donations you're likely to receive.

Step 4

Plan your asks

We recommend sending a personal ask to your best donors first to set the benchmark for support. Then you can send out more generic requests via social media, but think about the best time to ask and how many times you will send an ask.

Step 5

Make your ask

You've set out your why, your target, who and when you're asking.  Now it's time to make the ask following your plan.  Ensure you include the link to your fundraising page and of course clearly say "please donate to my fundraising page".

Step 6

Follow up

It’s ok to ask again. Just because supporters haven't given at the first request doesn't mean they won't. You can do this by providing an update to your progress—both fundraising and training—and most importantly including your fundraising page link.

Step 7

Thank your donors

You can't say thank you enough. Whether in peson, via email or on social media.  Add a thank you to you updates acknowledging those who have supported you.