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When Karen told us she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer—one of the tougher breast cancers to treat—life stood still for a moment. There were tears, hugs and feelings of utter disbelief. We’re not doctors, and as much as we want to cure her, we can't.

Karen is a close friend, and together, we wanted to do all we could to help ease the burden of her diagnosis.

But the love and concern you have for someone with cancer is hard to express in ways that feel helpful and tangible. 

But we showed Karen just how important she is to us, and hopefully, changed the way we treat breast cancer as we know it. 

We come from the small town of Dirranbandi and the town is like our family. We’re resilient, resourceful and we’re there for each other. That’s just who we are. And because Karen is a special person to so many in our community, our team for the RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run in 2020 grew to 83 people and we raised $27,000!

It was huge, unexpected, and such an incredible experience—for Karen, for us, and for every member of the ‘Karen’s Army’ team.

This year, it’s an experience anyone in Queensland can have. Register to walk or run 5 km for the virtual RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run in your community on Sunday 7 March and you’ll get fit, have fun, and most importantly, bring more hope to women like Karen in the future.

We’ll be taking part again in the 2021 RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run to celebrate their 30th anniversary year but most of all, to celebrate our friend Karen. We hope you’ll join us.

Amber and Jessie
Team Karen’s Army