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Marissa Taylor

Two years ago I received a life-changing whack to the chest. After my daughter, Ruby, banged my breast while we were play-wrestling, I discovered a grape-sized lump in my breast. Within three weeks I was in treatment for Stage 3 breast cancer.

I had no symptoms, no family history, and I was only 38. It’s no wonder I call Ruby my little life-saver.

The cancer was moving fast, so my options were limited. To give myself the best chance, the doctors recommended chemotherapy, radiation, and a double mastectomy.

The severity and invasive nature of my cancer treatments was, to put it lightly, incredibly tough. To make matters worse, I experienced complications and allergic reactions, often resulting in further illness. But with the support of my family, friends, and my breast cancer nurse, Ash, we got through it together.

During that time, the support from Mater Chicks in Pink, played such an important role. When I think of this support along with the help of my Breast Care Nurse Ash, it brings me to tears. 

This year, I’ve finally entered a recovery period. And to celebrate, I’ll be taking part in the RACQ International Women’s Day Fun — and maybe one day — we will find  treatments for breast cancer that don’t have such debilitation side effects like chemotherapy.

Together we can get a little closer to understanding this terrible disease.

RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run participant and cancer survivor