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Simon Lunn

My name’s Simon and I’ve got two teenage boys that I’m immensely proud of, Harry and Cooper.

Tragically, not long before last year’s Fun Run, breast cancer took the life of my wife Meegan, which as you can imagine, was devastating for both me and my children.

We received so much support after my wife passed away, and now we want to do everything we can to help other families who have also lost loved ones.

That’s why we’re doing the RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run this year in tribute to Meegan—and we’re so grateful that you are doing the Fun Run too.

After Meegan passed away, there were many times when we felt alone and hopeless. Even with all the support of nurses, friends and family, losing a loved one to breast cancer can be an incredibly isolating experience.

Through your participation and fundraising efforts, you’ll be helping to bring hope in the darkest times by reminding other families like ours that they’re not alone, and you’ll be helping to raise funds for treatments that could save lives in the future.

When people like you get out there and ask friends and family and colleagues and neighbors for donations, you’ll also be helping to provide vital financial support for families.

I can tell you from our experience that the money you raise makes an incredible difference, as all the costs of treatment, drugs, trips to the hospital and so much more add up very quickly.

Thank you for showing women with breast cancer—and families like ours—that they’re not alone. I’m looking forward to seeing you out there on the course.

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