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Cancer survivor patient Suzy smiles for the camera.

Suzy Collyer

In August 2019, Suzy was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. 

Suzy is 33 years old. At the time of her diagnosis, she had returned to her teaching job after maternity leave, and was excited about getting back into her career. Suzy’s biggest challenge is not being able to go back to work, but her workplace was supportive and are waiting for her to come back once she has finished her treatment.

Suzy is currently undertaking her second and final chemotherapy treatment. During her treatment, Suzy met breast care nurses Sally and Ash from the Mater Chicks in Pink team. The role they play is to support Suzy and her family in any way they can. Sally and Ash take care of organising Suzy's treatments and appointments. They also know the system really well and help her understand how it works and what to expect. When Suzy's husband has to stay in the waiting room during her operation, Sally or Ash will be there to hold her hand and to sit with her.

One of the small but important things that the Mater Chicks in Pink team do for Suzy is offer free parking tickets. This saves between $30 to $50 to park at the hospital; that can really add up.

When Suzy told her husband about the Fun Run, he thought she wanted to run a marathon! Although Suzy hopes to walk on the Sunday 8 March if she can. Either way, her family and her friends will be there to walk on her behalf.

Suzy says that Mater Chicks in Pink have helped her beyond measure. She thanks everyone who gets involves and raises funds and wants them to know that even though it’s hard to be a recipient of charity, it really does make a huge difference.