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We are so excited for you to join us at the 29th annual RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run.

Our mums, sister, daughters and friends dealing with breast cancer need to know we have their backs, today more than ever. It’s still the most common cause affecting Australian women. These women are strong and they fight hard, but seven lose the battle with breast cancer every day. This devastates families and sends shock waves through communities. We can’t let this go on. That’s why on Sunday 8 March 2020 you know where we will be, volunteering in solidarity with women everywhereand women with breast cancer in particular. Are you with us? Apply below now.

Choose a role that’s best for you

There are a number of roles available to suit all interests. Most event day roles have an early start on the Sunday morning but it is more than worth it to be involved in this special event.

If you would like to be located on course, so you can cheer on our participants, then a Pink Cheer Squad or Water Station Crew role may suit you best. If you would prefer to be at the event precinct then check out the variety of venue roles, including the Race Kit Collection Crew.

Can’t make it on event day or want to do an extra shift? We have positions available on Saturday in our Race Kit Collection Crew and Event Set Up Crew.

Role breakdowns are listed in the table below.

Please note that volunteers must be aged 15 years or over.

Pink Cheer Squad

The Pink Cheer Squad are integral to the success of the RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run. You will be located on course and have the opportunity to see and cheer on all of our wonderful participants.

This role involves directing and encouraging participants, monitoring the course for accidents and assisting spectators to cross the course safely in appropriate locations. You will be provided with the necessary information and training in the lead up to the event to complete this role.

The Pink Cheer Squad are required onsite between 5.30 am–10 am on Sunday 8 March.

Race Kit Collection Crew

You will be helping to ensure that participants have everything they need for the event day. You will be located at the event precinct in the City Botanic Gardens and assisting with race bib and t-shirt collection. If you have a bright enthusiastic personality and love working as part of a team then this is the role for you. You will be answering a lot of questions from participants about the event so great communications skills are key. This role is available on both Saturday and Sunday and you are more than welcome to apply for both shifts.

The Race Kit Collection Crew will be required onsite between 7:30 am–1:00 pm on Saturday 7 March and between 5.00 am–8.00 am on Sunday 8 March.

Bag Tent Crew

The National Storage Baggage Tent is available for participants to store their belongings in while they're walking, jogging or running. 

You will assist in storing participants’ belongings; with approximately 13 500 participants, you can bet that you will be busy. If you love interacting with people then this is the role for you... you might even say you'll have this job in the bag.

Bag Tent Crew will be required to be onsite between 5.15 am10:30 am on Sunday 8 March.

Water Station Crew

The Water Station Crew is responsible for keeping participants hydrated while they complete the course.

You will be located in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens or on course. You will be assisting with the set-up, pack down and maintenance of the water station… and cheering on our participants, of course!

Water Station Crew will be required to be onsite between 5.30 am–10.00 am Sunday 8 March.

Event Set Up Crew

The Set Up Crew will be assisting to get the event venue and start line ready for participants. This role will involve putting up signage such as flags and barrier mesh and ensuring that marquees have all the equipment they need for the day. If you don’t mind some hands on work and want to see the event take shape from the start then this is the role for you.

Event Set Up Crew will be required to be onsite between 10.00 am–1:30 pm on Saturday 7 March.

Event Pack Down Crew

The Event Pack Down Crew will be assisting to pack up event signage such as flags, barrier mesh and corflutes. Other duties include moving control barriers and packing down tables. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in the event industry to gain some experience. If you don’t mind some hands on work or want to keep helping out after an earlier shift then apply for this role.

Event Pack Down Crew will be required to be onsite between 10.00 am–2.00 pm on Sunday 8 March.

Crowd Flow Crew

This role will put you right in the heart of the event and will help give participants guidance throughout the event. You will be directing participants to the start line, ensuring that there is sufficient room for participants to move to their assigned areas, help people through crowd control barriers, encourage participants to continue to flow out of the Finish Shute etc. If you have a friendly outgoing personality then this is the role for you.

Crowd Flow Crew will be required to be onsite between 5.15 am–10.15 am on Sunday 8 March.


Course Marshall Zone Supervisor

Located on course, this role looks after the welfare of our Course Marshalls. Working in an allocated zone, you will help sign in marshals, ensure they have everything they need to do their role, and help with any questions and incidents. You will be supervised by Race Officials.

To complete this role, you need to have your own push bike or scooter and be comfortable moving around the course. Experience supervising people is desirable for this role.

You will be required to be onsite from 5 am–10.30 am.

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RACQ International Women's Day Fun Run

Sunday 8 March 2020

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The minimum age for volunteers on this event is 15 years old. Volunteers aged between 15 and 18 will require a parent, guardian, teacher or other responsible adult with them while volunteering. Parents and guardians will be required to sign a parental consent form and submit the document via this volunteer registration process (file upload available below).


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Saturday 7 March
Sunday 8 March

Volunteer role

There are a number of volunteer roles available. We will do our best to place you in your preferred position, however, this may not always be possible. 

Volunteers in selected roles may be provided with a vest/shirt to wear. Please note, not all roles will be provided a t-shirt or vest.

Wednesday 26 February, 5.30 pm
Wednesday 26 February, 6.30 pm
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Terms and conditions

On Sunday 8 March 2020, I will be at least 18 years of age OR I will be between 15 and 18 years old AND I have uploaded a signed parental consent form.