Will you help keep newborns like Saylor alive when their little lungs give up?

Your gift today will help purchase life-saving equipment needed to care for premature and critically ill babies. 

“We tried to stay optimistic while protecting ourselves from the heartbreak of walking into a nursery we would never need.” - Rachel, Saylor's mum.

This is Saylor's story.

Rachel and Kieran were thrilled to find out they were expecting a baby girl. But at their 20-week scan, they received devastating news.

“We asked our family to come over, and through tears, we explained the diagnosis received. We learnt that our baby girl Saylor had a tumour on her spine.”

There was up to 40% chance Saylor wouldn't make it through the pregnancy.

Rachel was admitted to the Mater Mothers’ Hospital at just 28 weeks of gestation.

“My waters broke three days after being admitted. Saylor was born with a tumour twice her weight and was taken hours later to surgery.”

Saylor spent the next 77 days in Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Critical Care Unit.

Rachel remembers the day she got to hold her little girl for the very first time:

“She was still ventilated and incredibly tiny. When I finally gave her first cuddle, she just seemed so fragile. At that moment, I let myself believe she would be okay.”

She ticked off milestones such as being extubated off the ventilator, and even doubling her weight!

Sadly, she also experienced lows.

“The doctor told us Saylor had stopped breathing twice overnight. 

“But thankfully, the Neopuff resuscitator brought my baby back to life.

"When you make a donation, that’s another baby you could save. It’s another life that gets to go on thanks to this vital equipment. Without it, Saylor wouldn’t be here."

Thanks to the kindness of people like you, Saylor had access to state-of-the-art equipment like ventilators and resuscitators that helped keep her alive when her little lungs gave up.

But more sick and tiny babies will be rushed into our NCCU.

Will you please donate today to help purchase life-changing equipment for our tiniest and most fragile patients? You couldn’t give babies like Saylor and their families a more beautiful gift.

Please donate today.

Please donate today

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could help buy transcutaneous CO2 monitors allowing doctors to determine the safest approach to protecting fragile neonatal brains and lungs.
could go towards Neopuffs, the safest and most effective devices to ensure a newborn baby may be resuscitated.
could help buy high-frequency jet ventilators to help babies breathe until they are strong enough to take their first breath.

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Image: Rachel hugging her baby girl Saylor for the very first time. 

Your support saves lives like Saylor’s. Your gift today will help purchase specialised equipment needed to care for premature and critically ill babies, such as: 

Your help will allow doctors to determine the safest approach to protecting the neonatal brain without damaging fragile lungs.

Over what could become many months of ventilation in the NCCU, a premature baby’s condition can deteriorate at any moment.

This is one of the most precise devices for measuring blood gases and alerting immediately to even the tiniest change.

The cable and monitor are placed on the baby’s stomach—reducing the need for a blood test every six hours, to every few days.

Your generosity could assist in purchasing more Neopuffs in Mater Mothers’ delivery rooms and Neonatal Critical Care Unit.

Around 10 per cent of all newborn babies will need some help to breathe at birth and for some time afterward—even the ‘big’ babies, born at term!

A Neopuff is the safest and most effective device to ensure a newborn baby may be resuscitated, as it uses positive pressure ventilation.

It comes with a mask—a little bit like doing mouth-to-mouth—and is attached to a special resuscitation bed.

Through your kindness and the care of skilled staff, the ventilators help babies breathe until they slowly become strong enough to one day take their very first breath, all on their own!

Many pre-term babies have severely underdeveloped lungs and will need complex breathing support for weeks or even months after birth.

High frequency jet ventilators deliver the tiniest and most precise flow of oxygen to sick babies with very specific lung problems, while minimising lung trauma.

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Donate today

Thank you for your kindness

Rachel, Saylor's mum, is incredibly thankful for supporters like you.

If you have not donated yet, it’s not too late to help purchase life-changing equipment for our tiniest and most fragile patients. 

You couldn’t give a more beautiful gift to babies like Saylor and their families.

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