Liceth Duarte

International Women's Day Fun Run, presented by National Storage

I’m part of the International Women’s Day Fun Run!

I'm raising funds to support women with breast cancer now and into the future. 

By making a donation, you can play a part in improving treatments and care for women diagnosed with breast cancer.  

When you donate, you’re helping to support counselling services and supply practical items like mastectomy bras and wigs after surgery and chemotherapy.  

You’ll also be supporting world leading research that focuses on improving survival rates and working towards a world where ALL women diagnosed with breast cancer survive. 

Ultimately, you’ll help make life easier for women with breast cancer today and save more lives tomorrow. 

As little as $65 can make a profound impact and take some of the stress off women with breast cancer and their families. Please, if you possibly can, will you donate today? 

My Team

Kayla Weule

Raised so far:


Kim Shepherd (C)

Raised so far:


Chanelle Dalton

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Caitlin Murphy

Sara Higgs

Courtney Arthur

Fiona Windus

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Kylie Larman

Deborah Rae

Christian Torley

Lyndel Alexander

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Jordyn Holloway

Emily Martyn

Kimti Solanki

Belinda Williams

Arlene Martin

Holly Wright

Amina Sayed

Raised so far:


Megan Anderson

Chantal Logan

Alyssa Parkinson

Kylie Larman

Jodie Cogzell

Tracey White

Charlene Burke

Greta Genovese

Tamsin Sawle

Ana Fiocco

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Titilia Soli

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Fredi Kremer

Porntipa Cannon

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Phuong Tran

Hannah Outtrim

Raquel Casanova

Kylie Stone

Savannah Townsend

India Moore

Ramanpreet Kaur

Ladda Green


Trish Foster

Steph Grant

Carly Walters

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Rexanne Tapiculin

Eliza rae raneses

Agata Pawlak

Nithiya Sureshabu

Svethana Henley

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Kelly Glover

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Cindy Wongsowidjojo

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June Fong

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Sha Luo

Moira Obeyesekers

Judy Wu

Isabel Fung

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Nicole Gossip

Peggy Dixon

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Judith Paahanva

Kailee Springfield

Emily Sledge

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Hannah Rhodes

Abbey Britton

Haley Carter

Natalie Raymond

Karen Mitchell

Claire Pickles

Annalise Painter

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Donna Liu

Maria Kemppinen

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Luh Yuliasih

Lanchi Huynh

Ashlee Berndt

Erica Chih

Kathy Chen

Vicky Arthur

Marian Cardinal

Amanda Chan

Emma Geary

Servelia Gonzalez

Kim Dayeon

Vicki Kleinschafer

Brendan Fletcher

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Carol Dong

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Kim Adams

Jessica Zou

Ambiga Rengiah

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Hayne Hedges

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Pretty Mae Ballesteros

Dianne Rose Pizarro

Shan Shao

Geneview Soh

Olivia Kao

Michael Sangalang

Joseph Xiang

Claire Foat

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Evelyn Inwood

Mariam Beaty

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Jenny Aguilas

Mildred Perez

Freyja Reyes

Ruby Ann Silva Evangelista

Micah Andrea Donesa

Luz Leal Vargas

Ashley Gordon

Andrea Galindo

Laura Keating

Phillipa Allanson

Nicole Humphries

Sijetha Arige

Jenny Do

Tabitha Carter

Anah McCarthy

Shan Kuo

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Alsiyas Susanto

Ashleigh Pearce

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Mariana Reia

Shannon Perry

Lou Evans

Leigh Puata-Biel

Julia Price

Tyrah Rose

Sheena Hadid

Joy Cho

Nancy Stahn

Gina O'Brien

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Leanne Darmain

Kerry Plant

Nicole Carter

Tahlia Jackson

Sarah Jane Clacher

Lakayla Carter Wong

Lauren Dwyer

Caitlin Storck

Liceth Duarte

Aisling Hart

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Da’Vid McFarlane

Chloe Farmer

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Kym Mirabito

Diane Shighen

Elenor Wu

Bella Wu

Karissa Wu

Annabel Wu

Arden Geary