Alexandra Robson

RACQ International Women's Day Fun Run 2021

I've pledged to raise at least $750

I will be taking part in the Mater Chicks in Pink Fun Run in memory of my Mum Dianne who lost her battle to breast cancer

I was 15 years old when I found out my Mum was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Mum was 53 years old and the healthiest, fittest person I knew. Mum had no signs or symptoms apart from on the dreaded day she discovered her lump. Before we knew it, Mum was having chemotherapy and radiation done to battle the disease. I later found out that Mum's cancer had metastasized through her breasts, under her armpits and into her lymph nodes which led to her brain.  Within 6 month of her diagnosis, I was farewelling Mum at her funeral. I was 15 at the time and had 5 other siblings who relied on Mum greatly. Mum was our only parent and did everything she could for us and everyone around her.
Unfortunately for many others, this is their reality aswell. Since Mum’s passing, one of the ways I’ve come to terms with her diagnosis and passing is taking part in the Mater Chicks in Pink Fun Run and meeting people with stories similar to mine. Unfortunately, there is so many people impacted by this horrific disease. Luckily, since Mums passing, treatment and support has improved significantly. Given this, survival rates have also improved significantly. To keep research progressing, treatment and support advancing, funds are needed.
This year I have decided to set myself a goal of $300 to achieve for when I take part in the run. If your able, I would love if you could donate a few dollars to help reach this goal so I can continue to support women who are affected by this disease. Every dollar goes a long way! Thank you for taking the time to read this, I love and appreciate you all. 
Ally xxx

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$300 to $3000!

Friday 15th Jan
My initial goal was $300, which I was skeptical about reaching. Never did I think I would be able to raise this much money so thank you for all the support from those who have donated so far. I have set a new goal of $3,000 to achieve. If able, donating a few dollars will go a long way in breast cancer research and helping those affected by the disease. Sharing my page is also an awesome way of supporting me if you cannot afford to donate. Again, thank you to everyone who has helped me on this journey. 
Ally xx

THIS IS CRAZY! Thank you!

Sunday 10th Jan
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to raise this much money so thank you! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far or shared my page. I can't emphasise how much I appreciate it. Mum would be so thankful to each and everyone of you, so thank you! Every dollars counts so lets keep going! 
Ally xx

New goal!

Sunday 10th Jan
I’ve decided to change my goal to $750, given the generosity received so far. All I can say it thank you. I am so so grateful and appreciate each and everyone one of you. 

Thank you!

Sunday 10th Jan
I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated and helped me reach my goal! Please continue donating to this amazing cause. The more money raised, the more women and families we can help. 
Just so you have an idea:
$65 helps fund innovative research for chemotherapy
$110 helps restore a women’s confidence after breast removal surgery by purchasing them a mastectomy bra.
$170 helps restore a women’s confidence when they lose their hair due to chemotherapy by providing them with a scarf or wig to wear.
$235 helps fund research towards improving survival rates of breast cancer. 
Thank you again for all your support, every dollar goes a long way :) - Ally xx

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Sharon Amedee


Michele And Tim Mase

Love the dedication to your mum. Such an amazing thing you are doing. I have no doubt she will be very proud if you. 😘


Tania Potaka

How proud your Mum would be!! This is awesome and wish you all the best!!!


Gail Webb

Well done


Sam Riley Swim School



good luck Allie


Georgia Smith

Love you girl


Anneka Martin


Sam Lawson


Jan & Craig Sargent-smith

Miss our beautiful Dianne and her big smile and hearty laugh. Good for you, Ally. We love you.


Paul Waine


Craig And Zoe Stephens

Well done ally



Sending love ❤️


Mark Hill

For Di Di


Amanda Taylor

I remember your Mum fondly, I am currently 53, it is way too young for someone to have that battle. Good luck


Terri Harding


Claudia & Cody

Sending lots of love xx


Sebastian Moore


Jess Cartwright

lots of love💕 ~mackenzie and jess


Alannah Mathews



Your contribution will go a long way to getting rid of this terrible disease. Well done!


Chelsea Cox

I am so proud of everything you have accomplished Ally and I know your mum would be too xox lots of love Chels ♥️♥️


Vikki Cox

Your mum will be embracing you with pride each and every day. Much love.


Adam Stratton

Alexandra , good luck an all the best from the team at Blue Ocean Equities Adam


Alexandra Robson


Sophie Robson

Go Al. Love you ❤️




Fiona Stephens

I am very proud of you Ally.




Sharon Bendall


Darlene Terry

Good luck on your goal.


Sara Turnbull

Good on you Ally! Good luck!


Sam Timcke

Love you ❤️


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Good Luck Ally!!


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Jess Amedee

Your mum would be so proud rn ❤️❤️


Patricia Tsicalas

I’m certain Di is very proud of you and all your siblings Ally, well done!


Bec Amedee

So much love for you x Mumma would be so proud of you



Much love x - Taylah & Rochelle


Jennie Gray

Lots of love, Jennie x


Samantha Staines


Stephen Hill

Go girl your Mum would be very proud of you.


Amanda Stephens

Hi Ally What a wonderful initiative. Dianne would be very proud of you! Good luck Amanda


Jo Leslie

Go girl 💋💋💋 big love ❤️


Demeaka & Logan

Sending all our love and support - Demeaka and Logan x