Brett Goebel

Challenge Tasmania 2023

It has been a while...

Time to get back on the bike.  I don't ride as much as I used to - other things in life now take priority.  But I'll try and pedal my way across Tassie in March 2023.

It is almost 10 years to the day that my best mate Mike died from melanoma that ultimately metastasised to his brain and pancreas.  It was really tough in the last stages of his life and I will never forget that.  However, I ride to help Mike leave a legacy of what research can achieve.  If Mike was alive today, his options and opportunities would have been so much greater due to the progress in treatment through a focus on research.

Mike and I had other good friends.  One of those is Alia.  About 25 years ago, a small group of us, all scientists and engineers, were working on a project in Gladstone where we thought we would change the world.  A new way to make magnesium that would lighten cars and reduce carbon emissions (yes, 25 years ago!) We were a tight knit bunch and got used to "christmas is cancelled this year" as a call to arms for our dedication.

Mike and Alia lived together in Gladstone, with me being the old head living with my young family. Along with a couple of others, we were the "Evaluation Team", running our technical ruler over this new production process and living the dream.  Ultimately, we did not save the world and the project folded, but this group of friends have stayed that way for more than 25 years.  Yes, we have gone our separate ways but when we get back together, it is just easy and invigorating - a bit like Smiddy really.

Alia is currently receiving treatment for Stage 4 breast cancer and this time I ride for both Alia (and her young family) and Mike (and his wife Louise).

I'm having a crack - why don't you?

In March, I’ll be joining the Challenge Tasmania, cycling up to 680 kms across the Apple Isle.

This will be my 11th anniversary of riding with the Smiling for Smiddy peloton and I am a proud Smiddy Ambassador.  Having just returned from the Tropics ride as a lead vehicle driver, I think it is time to return to the bike and turn the pedals for fundraising.  I am giving myself plenty of time to ride myself back into form!

Why am I taking on this challenge?

As a research scientist in a past life, I am acutely aware of the challenges faced by our brilliant and dedicated research scientists in attracting money for research.  Smiling for Smiddy has chosen to funnel it's research dollars into "high risk/high return" opportunities that are difficult to attract government research funding.  From my perspective, "research" is just that - you don't know the answer with certainty until you do the research.  Help me help serendipity take its course.

I lost my best mate Mike to melanoma on the 5 November 2012, just 2 months after I rode my first Smiddy ride.  He was also a research scientist, and I am sure he has my back on this one.

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Go you good thing!


Paul Greaney

I admire your commitment to this cause Brett and know that you are making a difference. Enjoy the ride!


Brett Goebel


David Solley

Waiting for the text to join you for a training ride one morning Brett!?!


Matt Brannock

Go for it Brett!


Chris Hertle


Michael West


Trevor Green



Richard Meacle

Great to have you back in the saddle Bretty


Paul Mcglade

Hope the Sag Wagon does not miss you on the side of the road.


Kim Broadfoor

Good to see you back in the saddle Brett!


Stephen Trainor

Well done Brett


Richard Furness

Best wishes for a great ride Brett. You are raising funds for such a great cause.


Maree Rostirolla

Just remember "shut up legs" when it gets tough... Enjoy the cooler riding temps too!


Anthony Canfell

Good luck Brett! I too still use the 'Christmas is cancelled' line from those days! Don't worry about the lack of training, that's what the first couple of days in the saddle are for.


Bruce Provan

Well done Brett


Phil Woods


Denise Obst

Good on you Brett - as you know, as a parent I have had my own encounter with childhood cancer - the more research the better


Jennifer Adams

Will be sending you positive riding vibes.


Dorothy Goebel

such an important cause <3 will be cheering you on from brisbane!