Camilo Guerra

Brisbane to Gold Coast 2024

Oops! You've done it again! :)

What a fantastic effort guys! Your generosity seems to have no bounds. This only put more determination in my training to cross the line in two wheels and not two legs!
Can we push the Goal even further!? Well Nothing wrong with trying, I say. Let's see if we can break go up to $3500.00+!!!

We are more than 2/3 of the way to our goal! AMAZING!!!!

Thank you all once again for your incredible support and generous heart! YOU are almost there with your kind donations and words of encouragement!... Me, I have note even made it to the starting line... Yet! But I am doing my training every day!

WOW!!! Incredible!!! You are just unbelievable!!!

Thank you guys for your support and words of encouragement once again. You have achieved another goal... can we raise the bar again? Shall we?... Why not! Let's aim for $3000.00 AUD!!!

In honour and memory of my dear Godfather Dr Victor Antonio Guerra Rivas

Overnight I have received the sad news of the passing away of my dear Godfather Breast Oncologist Surgeon Dr Victor Antonio Guerra Rivas at the age of 92. He was a pioneer breast cancer surgeon and oncologist in my country of origin. He was mentor and teacher to many. His legacy will continue as he now rest in peace.
He was committed and dedicated to his work and his patients. As such he was always referred the most difficult cases. I had the honour of seeing his gifted hands at work and the difference he made to many. He did not suffered from cancer himself. But he faced it every day of his working life and was a true Cancer Warrior in his own right until the end of his cognitive faculties. He continued studying journals until he could no longer read. This ride has now a much higher meaning to me. Thank you once again for your support and kind words.


You people are awesome with your kind words of support and sense of humour as well as your generous donations.
A good friend texted me today to congratulate me in achieving the $1000.00 AUD fundraising goal. This was very moving. But it made me realise that I should be the one congratulating you for this. I'm just the rider. You are the ones making the difference through your donations!
So let's try to make it to the next tier of $2000.00 AUD!... 

Knock, knock! Will you support a Sith Lord looking for redemption in his quest to fundraise $2000.00 AUD +?

A big THANK YOU ALL! For your kind donations and support! It is very humbling to realise all the good will and support you have expressed to me in this venture. Your help has been invaluable to achieve my initial fundraising goal and the onus is on me to cross the line... somehow... eventually... preferably in one piece!

But being so early in this quest and with so much good will around me. I think it is not a bad idea to raise the bar. Let's try for $2000.00 AUD! After all this is to raise funds to help fellow Australians who are diagnosed with cancer now and into the future. This disease has affected my own family and friends as well as some of you. Likewise, I have to face this foe on a regular basis professionally. So let's keep the good will going towards a world where Australians affected by cancer may survive to good quality of life with their loved ones.

I'll tackle 100 KMs with your support and good will! Let's make a difference! 

Will you support a Sith Lord looking for redemption in his quest to fundraise $2000.00 AUD +? 

  • Thanks to your support, Camilo Guerra has raised enough for 25.5 hours of research lab time.

Thank you to my amazing Sponsors


Stephen Hartley

Ride like the wind Camilo.


Anna-maria Gensheimer


Subway Cooma

Go for it sezy


Tony Vickers

Best of luck to the good doctor and Camilo.


Milcomp Claims

GO Camilo !! such a great cause


Kayleen Morgan

You can do this!


Frans Roodt Clinical Research Consultant

Always doing more! Love it. Good luck with the ride!


Lachlan Dobbins


Silvana Guerra

On your ride go for gold my beloved brother. Our precious Uncle would have commended you for such cause to raise money for cancer research. I am so proud of both of you!


John Canning

This will be a day long remembered


Gridley Family


Dave Holowaty

Onya Doc!


Carol Hoareau


Sandra W

All the best Camilo



Hi mate!!


Stephen Barrett


Eve Brassey

Go for Gold Doc! Enjoy!



You got this.


Karen Yates



$1 per km, you deserve it!



Good luck mate, your doing amazing work!




Cheryl Wilson

You’ve got this Camilo! 💪


Bruce Laing

Good luck mate, get a comfy seat and a worthy cause for sure!!


Maria Bond

Good luck! May the force be with you!


Andrew Cocks

Hope the weather is good and the ride is enjoyable. Excellent job!


Papa Camilo

Well done my son. Wishing you all the best. Papa Camilo


Davina Williams

Best of luck Camilo!


Carolyn Angove

Good luck Camilo


Gavin Budd

Light Speed Camilo


Chris Guerra