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Noosa Triathlon 2020

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Why I Tri - To Find A Cure

Please Help me assist to ‘Find a Cure for Cancer’ with Team Smiddy at the 2020 Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival.

I'll be tackling a 1.5km swim, 40km ride and 10km run in an effort to raise as much money as possible.

All donations are tax deductible for businesses and individuals - If possible as little or as much as you can afford will be appreciated by myself and more so by those that a cure being found will help - link below.

Money raised will fund ground-breaking research at Mater into the causes, prevention and treatment of various types of cancer and ultimately a cure.

Sponsor Honour Roll - A huge thank you to – Troy Beattie, Sharon Sinclair, Lisa McComb, Sean Hamann, Lisa Savage, Anonymous, Kate Austin, David Greenaway, Shane Doidge, Brad Banks, Rick Gillham, Lauren McComb, Anonymous, Simon Jones, Scott Richardson, Geoff Davey, Shannon Cleary, David Turner, Amanda Williams, Dario Ferlin, Dan Benham, Anonymous, David Price, Ben McDonald, Anthony & Jane Taylor, Anonymous, Gavin Dunn, Tim Gagen, Anonymous, Chrissy Clarke, Joe Manitta, Zac Creed, Nathan Kolc, Trent Mason, Jim Dowling, Megan Angliss, Luke Fairbrother, Matt Trewhella, Tim Phung, Dennis Casey, Sanjeev Erriah, Adam McNiven, Sandy Azzopardi, Craig Telfer, Ryan Thomson, Salter Family, Kellie Bamford, Sam Houston, Mum, Aunty Julie, [YOUR NAME HERE]

Businesses Honour Roll – Square Engineering & Auditing Group Pty Ltd, Sovad Consulting Pty Ltd, Coolphase Pty Ltd, Resource Data Management, Projexco, Ascott Air, Oceania HVAC Solutions Group, McClintock Engineering Group, Now And Then Consulting, Klima Australia, [YOUR BUSINESS HERE]

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Running has ramped up

Tuesday 25th Feb

Hi All,

This morning my runniing took a significant ramp up with commencing with the Wilston Grange Gorillas Triathlon running group. 9.3km in 59mins & 45 seconds at an average pace of 6.25 mins/km. Up from 5km in 32 mins. 




Thank you to my Sponsors



Every km and $ counts! Go Cory


Jim Dowling

Shave beard for more pace



You got this




Luke F

Good luck mate! Don’t hurt yourself 😉!


Mcclintock Engineering Group Pty Ltd

Good Luck, Cory. Regards Craig McClintock


Sean Hamann

Good luck Cory. Great job, hope you reach your goals. Cheers mate.


Joe Manitta

Good luck Mate


Ben Macdonald

A great cause Cory. Hope the training is going great


Craig Telfer

Good luck Cory - looking for a big effort!


Dale Fandrich

Hi Cory, Dale Fandrich from Coolphase Pty Ltd has the pleasure of donating to the Cure for Cancer Fund. Thank you


Lauren Mccomb


Kellie Bamford

Well done Cory! I hope you have a successful day.


Matt Trewhella

All the best mate


Sharon Sinclair

Very proud of you, look forward to cheering you on in November! Such a cruel disease, happy to support. Go team Cory!




Troy Beattie

Good luck with the tri Cory


Lauren Mccomb

Good luck cory


Now And Then Consulting


Sovad Consulting Pty Ltd

Good luck mate!!



Just don’t talk to me about how many K’s you racked up in the morning


Shannon Cleary

Proud of you toots! Hope it's a great experience for you!


Dario Ferlin

Hey Cory. It's not just the triathlon on the day. You'll be sweating it out for months just to get in shape for it. Very admirable. Well done.




Cory Hollis


Rdm Australia

Great cause Cory, good luck!


Lisa Mccomb


Klima Australia

Corey pleased to support you.


Scott Richardson

Good on you mate. Best of luck with it. Not bad for an old fart!


Gavin Dunn

Cure for Cancer. Fantastic course. All the best Cory.


Trent Mason

A great cause - GO Cory!!



Great cause Cory, hope you reach your goal.




David Greenaway


Geoff Davey

Go for it Cory, happy to help.


Ascot Air

Good Cause Cory all the best


David Price


Zac Creed


Mary Davis

In memory of my beautiful mother Mavis and her 9 siblings. Our wonderful Mont, darling Casey, who all passed from cancer. Keep on fighting Kimmy my rock.


Nathan Kolc


Sandy Azzopardi


Shane Doidge

Well done Cory. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble blitzing the field. For a very worthy cause as well.


Denis Casey

Cory YOU should get Wallace involved but he is a tite arse, I forgot


Ryan Thomson

Great work mate


Michael (rick) Gillham

Well done Cory. Wish I could also be a part of it.




Adam Mcniven

Well done mate. Best of luck with the fundraising and to the team.


Brad Banks

Good luck mate.


Sam Houston

Yeah niiiiice Cory


Sanjeev Erriah

Thank for helping.


David Turner

Good luck Cory, all your hard work will be going to a good cause!


Amanda Williams

Good luck


Tim Phung

Great work Cory! Good luck with the challenge!




Anthony Taylor

Smash it mate, you get the cash regardless



You’ve got this.