Far North Queensland Smiddy Challenge 2021

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Why I ride

In May, I’ll be taking on the Far North Queensland Smiddy Challenge. Cycling up to 680 km over five days (I know, I’m sore just thinking about it).

Why am I taking on this challenge?

Like so many people, I have seen the effect cancer can cause within a family. Three years ago My Dad passed away after fighting a valiant battle with Prostate Cancer. I believe that any effort I can make to help the cancer research effort is a valuable one and the work Mater do in this area is outstanding.

Mater’s world-class research institute is investing in some game-changing work into the causes, treatment and prevention of cancer.

And this is where I need your help.

Together, we can help to give more families more time together; to make more memories. 

I would like to ask you to support my fundraising efforts by making a donation to my fundraising page today?

Thank you to my Sponsors


Darryn Wilson



You got this baby!!!


Craig Williams


Larissa Becirovic


Konrad Werynski


Tony Fitzgerald

Your a top bloke Dazza! This is a great cause.



Darren in Lycra and exercising. The world has changed forever.