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Challenge Tasmania 2023

Will you support my fundraising?

In March 2023, I’ll be joining the Challenge Tasmania, cycling up to 680 kms across the Apple Isle.

As part of the challenge, I’m aiming to raise valuable funds to support the work of Mater Research—Mater’s world-class research institute that’s investing in some game-changing work into the causes, treatment and prevention of cancer.

And this is where I need your help.

Together, we can help to give more families more time together; to make more memories. 

Will you support my fundraising by making a donation to my fundraising page today?

Why am I taking on this challenge?

Because I’m committed to making a real impact on cancer research at the Mater. And also because joyously as I have just become a grandfather (Yea Yea) to a beautiful baby grandson Elija Ray Wai Ming 梁惠 明. 

Thank you, dear Dani and Martin for giving your Mother (now Ma Ma) and I and our whole Leong-Lim family this bundle of Joy!

As a paediatrician I know and now as a grandfather, I know even better that good health to prevent Cancer starts from day 1 of a person's life. So every child (through their parents) and every adult who has the power to change their life direction, can reduce their risks of cancer and encourage those around them to do the same! 

From simple sun safety messages to prevent melanoma and other skin cancers, to being physically active and staying a healthy weight and eating enough fruit and vegetables every day, and to be connected to your "Tribe" for good mental health. I try to practice this every day, but I know we are only human, including Dr K, and some days are better than others! 

Most importantly for me to keep my "good" friend the Black Dog peaceful,  I need to remember to remain connected with my Smiddy Family Tribe and my whole wonderful family and friendship web. It keeps me honest and mentally healthy and gives me the strength and energy to do the things I love and the privilege to help others less fortunate than myself through this amazing charity and other important causes I support! 

So please give deeply to help me reach my $5,000 fund-raising goal for this Tassie Challenge in March 2023.

I know I have asked you my wonderful family, and my many world friends so many times to donate to Smiling for Smiddy over the last 10 years, and you know how generous you have been. 

As this is such a great cause and a great organisation that makes a daily positive impact in real people's lives through research that is discovering new and better treatments for cancer, especially melanoma. 

Moreover, the SFS Mater Foundation is run by a great heart-and love-filled group of people with the highest human values,  so I do not hesitate one second yet again to approach you all with a Smiddy Smile, but with no expectations that you will necessarily give again, or even give for the first time, but if you do you have my eternal love, friendship, and gratitude and welcome to the Smiling for Smiddy family! Now isn't that worth a lot to you? It is to me! 

Hope to see you soon on your bike! 

Love and grazie mille Dr Koala

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Gary Leong