James Goodman

Far North Queensland Smiddy Challenge 2021

My reasons ....

In the early 2000's, I used to swim with a guy - Adam.  He was a friendly bloke, good natured and good fun.

Adam was also a talented athlete.  And committed, because he was ALWAYS at morning squad.

Except then one day he wasn't. And he wasn't there the next day either, or the one after that.

I found out a few months later Adam had suffered a relapse of cancer, and died very soon after. He was 26.

I'm one of the lucky ones ....... I've never had cancer. Nor have I seen someone close to me succumb to cancer before their time.

But I've seen the impact cancer has had on those around me. Prostate, brain, skin, breast, lung: those with the dreaded disease have sufferd, and with them their families too.  Young, middle aged and old.  It can and does strike anyone at any time. 

So I'm doing something to make an impact for cancer research - raising funds for the work of Mater Research. They're a genuinely world -class research institute that’s investing in some promising work into the treatment and prevention of cancer. 

I'm doing this a little bit in memory of that good natured guy in my swim squad - Adam Smiddy. But much more, I'm doing it for those who are impacted by cancer now, and those who will be in the future.  

This is something that requires my commitment and our committment.  The fewer of us cancer touches, the better.

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Scott & Steph

Enjoy the hills and embrace the Smiddy culture


James Goodman


James Goodman


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Have a great time James


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Good on you Goody. Enjoy the ride (as best you can).



Ride safely mate, enjoy the beautiful FNQ and have fun. cheers BQ


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Good on you James for this fund raising effort not to mention to ride ahead of you. All the best.


James Goodman

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