RACQ International Women's Day Fun Run 2021

I've pledged to raise at least $750

I’ve signed up to the RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run!

I'm raising funds to support women with breast cancer now and into the future by funding breast cancer research that focuses on improving survival rates, working toward a world where ALL women diagnosed with breast cancer survive.

As little as $65 can make a profound impact and take some of the stress off women with breast cancer and their families. Will you help me?

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Kristine Tibbetts

Very proud of you doing great things!


Angela Gilchrist

Great work James.



Run hard buddy!!


Sarita Fruk

Save the boobies


Damian Plumb

Enjoy the walk/run mate!!


Ian & Lee

Legendary effort - as we’ve come to expect. Well done - all happy to support you


Darren Harland



Natalie Sutherland

Great cause James!


Portia Creevey

i bet you miss me, proud of you -love your fav soon adopted child


Monique W

Great cause Tibbo! Enjoy your fun run!


Steve Dahl

Great cause mate- well done!!! With you all the way!!


Terry Hansen

You are the Fuchsia!


Worst Punters Ever

Good luck TIbbo and a great cause


Stacey Pilkington






Marsha Daskalakis


David And Tammy Kuchenmeister

Well done James - Cheers from David Tam and Bonnie x


Greg Searle


Ben Howat

Nice one Tibbo!


Scott Horsburgh

Pink Lycra


Kelly Chard

Great to see you swearing it out for a good cause Tibbo


Chris Giddens