Juliano Faoro

Noosa Triathlon 2023

Funding cancer research. Join me on a great cause ! ! !

In November 2022 I joined the Team Smiddy as part of the Noosa Triathlon.  With other 300+ members of the Team Smiddy we raised nearly $400,000 to fund cancer research. 

My contribution through my sponsors was just over $1,000 and I am very proud to have been part of that.

This year I am raising the bar, my goal is $2500. 

I can’t do this on my own. I need your support and I want you to be part of this achievement. I am sure you, like me,  believe that raising money to fund cancer research is a great cause. 

To only way I will achieve the $2,500 goal is if I get as many donations as possible. Doesn’t matter how big or how small they are, EVERY DOLLAR counts and every donation will be much appreciated ! ! ! 

Please click on the bid red button in this page and DONATE NOW. (donations over $2 can be claimed on tax)

If you leave it to later, you might forget :-(

Thank YOU ! ! ! 


Thank you to my Sponsors


Rubens & Fernanda

Go Juliano! Thanks for actively contributing to such a worthy cause!


Enrico Nichetti



Feliz aniversario Ju



Happy B day! Now let's try to finish the triathlon in less than 1h this time... Cheers





Parabéns Ju, estamos torcendo por ti!


Guilherme Giampietro

Parabéns Juliano, muitas felicidades, saúde, sucesso e conquistas! Abraço


Roberto Scheidt

Parabéns pela iniciativa Juliano! Sucesso!


Scott Earle



Great cause, good luck.


Rejohn C

go for gold!


Pedro Zimmermann

Good luck for the event!


Hala Saba


Mark Mikula

Run Forest Run



Go Clown! Go!


Stuart Sharman

Go Jules!!



O próximo chopp vai ser no boteco quando você estiver por aqui novamente 🍺 Boa sorte no seu Triathlon….


Gary Murphy


Dario Ribeiro

Vai lá Ju. Tenha uma grande prova por uma grande causa, na torcida aqui. Forte abraço.


Nelson Massignan


Gustavo Oliveira

Feliz aniversário e tudo de bom! Espero que consiga atingir seus objetivos!


Lachlan John Gaffney

Go Juliano!!!


William Passos



Happy birthday Juliano felicidades muitos aninhos de vida!


Andrew Fullagar


Peter & Cathy Armstrong

Thanks for your help & enjoy the experience.


Luciana Kuminek

Good luck Chefia!!!



Better send me a selfie as proof you finished the triathlon! :)



Swim , ride and run well Jules 💪


Newton Faoro


Eduardo Pimenta

Congratulations for raising funds to such important cause which will help many patients.



Parabéns Juliano! Espero que você alcance seus objetivos.







Dá-lhe Juliano!




Daniel Puka


Muhammad Abdul Rahman


Ben Shipley


Paola Faoro

Quebra tudo, Juuu!!





Vai lá Chefe!!



Good luck Chefe!!!


Ned Tiernan

Get it Jules!



Go hard and do your best!