Kerri’s Story

By Kerri Buttery

Only a few days left in PinkTober

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to Mater Chicks in Pink. I appreciate everyone's support.

I am now 6 weeks post double mastectomy and reconstruction and really starting to feel like I'm getting back into some level of "normal". I still have days when all I can do is rest because of fatigue or muscle spasms in my ribs. But the other pain has gone. So close to my skin and tissue being healed from surgery too (almost!). 

As I've mentioned before, Mater Chicks in Pink have been a great support for me and this fundraiser is running until 31st October 2020. I had an original goal of $500 and all of you have helped to smash that goal. So I've raised it to $1000 to try and get there in the next 4 days! So close!

Please share and help raise awareness for breast cancer during Pinktober.

My achievements!

My Updates

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – My Story

Monday 5th Oct
I didn’t know much about breast cancer before July 2020, because I didn’t need to. However, I have realised that there are some things in life that everyone needs to be aware of, otherwise you won’t have a chance of early detection. This article tells my story along with a few things that I have learnt over the past few months…

Thank you to my Supporters


Arthur Weston


Anna Dunne


Phil Toop & Lois Neilson

You are so brave and so inspiring Kerri!


Ann Kingsbury


Janet Ferris


James Nunn


Theresa Szewczyk


Kerri Buttery


Mel B


Wendy Hicks

So proud of you Kerri, for the positive way you have dealt with your diagnosis.


Angella Eldridge

Thinking of you at this time


Grace Williams

You're an inspiration 😘


Celia Wise

From my mum Celia


Tracy Williams

Love and support to my beautiful brave niece.


Liz Quince

We are in awe of the strength you are showing. Love you lots.


Linda And Col Gardner

Way to go Kerri, you’re such an inspiration!


Michelle And Elliot

I'm so sorry you've had to experience this Kerri. You have shown great courage and dignity. Keep looking up and forward. xx MAE


Erin Webster


Jb & Nv

Lots of love from down south. Inspiring stuff Kerri <3


Jolyon Clarke

Power on in your recovery mode. Raising funds for a great cause.


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Kerri Buttery


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Hayley Mandry

Love you lots!


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Wonderful cause Kerri. Mx


Natalie Jegorow

You are amazing. I love following your journey. Onwards and upwards! Xx


Vanessa Pye

Good on you Kerri, always thinking of how you can help others!


Gillian Kelly

So sorry to hear about what a tough year its been for you. Congrats on doing something awesome like this during it. Thinking of you and sending big get well wishes Kerri!


Michelle Osbourne