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International Women's Day Fun Run, presented by National Storage


In November 2021 our  world turned upside down. 
I received a diagnosis of Stage 3 Grade 4 Breast Cancer. 
The lump had been there for a while, I recall starting with breast pain, sharp pains  in my left breast and then a small lump developed, then it got bigger and bigger... It was only when I pulled by big girl pants and called the GP to get an appointment, pushed by work colleagues .. that I knew something was wrong. I guess I always knew it was something... 

Luckily for me I have a wonderful GP Sarah Daynes! Sarah pulled out all the stops to get appointments booked in as well as sent off urgent referrals which enabled my treatment to start sooner than if I'd left it up to "the system" !

When we had the first appointment with the surgical team at Caboolture, I recall the words, but your have the better one of the two types of Breast Cancer, this really didn't give me much relief! Especially when they told me what was next

I am someone that loves to work, takes pride in my career, takes pride in my work... we had to interview for my "replacement" I didn't want this!! I just wanted to forget about it all. 

After months of chemotherapy treatments, surgery to remove my breast and a full axillary clearance as well as 6 weeks of radiation (daily) I was so pleased to have come to there other side of what had been such a emotional and demanding strain in our life. Some days I would just cry and cry and not so much say poor me or why me just I can't do this, but I did! I did it! 

Our children 21, 10, 9 at the time had a very hard dealing with the words mum had cancer. The first question was , are you going to die? How do you know if your not? Why my mum, why you ? the tears flowed for weeks and months from us all. Emotions were high. 

My husband has been , without realising my absolute rock through this whole process, watching me sleep for three days straight at times , loose my hair and struggle to walk and eat . All the while holding the fort at work after returning post covid. He worked each and every day and didn't get a break at all, worker by day carer by night. I have a lot to thank him for. 

Today it is likely, that an average of 57 Australians (men and women) will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. That's 57 worlds that are about to fall apart TODAY. 

Help me raise funds to help others. 
What does the money raised go to you ask? 
$300 will provide practical support services to make life easier. 
$500 to invest in equipment to better diagnose and treat patients.
$750 will focus on increasing the survival rates of women with aggressive breast cancer. All of which are ME! 

The journey will NEVER be over for me. I am currently still receiving treatment. For the next 10 years I will be on a Hormone Blocking Therapy drug called Exemestane (Joint pain and insomnia are the side effects) I have just had 6 months of injections to shut down my ovaries and place me into medically induced menopause... monthly oncologist follow ups... 
I still attend physio as I am unable to reach with my left arm due to radiation fibrosis! THE LIST GOES ON.... 

I am so thankful for your support, please pass this around and help me reach my goal! 

  • Thanks to your support, Lisa Litchfield has raised enough for 40.0 hours of research lab time.

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Well done Lisa


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Love to you Lisa, you are amazing 💖


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So proud of how well you’ve done and how you handled it all! We would all need all the support possible in this situation. All the best in your Fun Run!


Re/max Victory Realestate Agency - Vicki Ford

All at RE/MAX Victory Real Estate send our love and support - we have staff members that have survived breast cancer and our daughter Kelly Cloke is near her last Chemo.


Lisa Litchfield

I beat this and we can help others beat this too


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Well done Lisa - you have shown great determination and grace.


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I expect less than a 4min ks !!


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Brave family! Good beat!!





🥰 go girl…. totally love your drive 💯 thinking of you Lisa xx


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Lisa Litchfield

This is the moeny raised from the raffle thanks all for your continued support !!


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Well done on your fundraising so far, Lisa!


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Go, Lisa!


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Love you !


You've Received A Match!

Thanks to National Storage, Brooks, Entain and Health & Wellbeing Queensland.


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Thanks Lisa for give me a chance to help people


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Get ya paint on and your tits out


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Power to you lady!


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Keep fighting xx


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Love you 💕


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Good on you Lisa


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You go Lady! 💕... Amazing ambassador for the cause, Amazing warrior in the fight❤️


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All the best Lisa.


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You are amazing Lisa!


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You are an exceptional Lady


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To Phil and the Gingers :-) With Love Ivan and Crystal


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