Marcus Keller

Noosa Triathlon 2023

As a Dad who wants to inspire his kids to make healthy decisions in their future, I'm taking on Noosa Triathlon 2023!

Proud to join Team Smiddy at the 2023 Noosa Triathlon and show the two cheeky lads in the picture above that you (try to) always make good decisions when it comes to your health.

That means in November, I'll be taking on an Olympic distance triathlon. That's a 1500m swim, 40km ride and 10km run! Yes, I'll be pushing my body to the limit.

Why am I taking on this challenge?

Because I'm committed to the long, hard road to fight cancer, and there are no shortcuts. 

As part of my challenge I'm aiming to raise funds towards ground-breaking research at Mater into the causes, prevention and treatment of various types of cancer.

And this is where I need your help.

Will you support my fundraising by making a donation today?

Thank you to my Sponsors



Time to pass the hat around! Thanks for your generosity - promise to work hard for it :)


Nick Batt


Shane Thurnwald

Fantastic work mate. Congrats on the finish time!



Good to see you inspiring your kids and giving to a good cause. Enjoy the event.


Ingram Family

Good luck MK. Looking forward to seeing you sport that 8 pack again!


Hamish Stokes

Great stuff mate, see you in October.



Awesome and meaningful commitment Marcus. Proud family … Proud friends!!


Grant Dorahy

Up up the Keller Feller! Good on you mate, fantastic thing to do!


Anthony Goodes

Awesome, mate. You’re gonna blow last years PB out of the water! Great role model for your whole family 💥💪


Adam Chetkowski

Go get em Kella! Hope to visit you and the family soon….Noosa sounds amazing.



Good stuff Marcus!


Chris W

Good luck DJ MK! Looking forward to seeing the lean machine in full training mode.


Brendan Giles


Nick Rose

MK all the way!


Steven Baldas

Kelly, Good luck big fella! I’m proud of you. Such an amazing thing you’re doing. Baldy


Lucy Clifford

Such a great cause! Impressive effort little bro!