Matt Burgess

Noosa Triathlon 2023

Please support us to fund a cure for Melanoma...

We have a long-standing tradition to get together to do what we can over the Noosa weekend to fight a disease that tore our family apart by taking our father, Mark Burgess, from us in 2012.

We take this opportunity annually to bring light to our loss as Dad would have LOVED us to do - during a massive family weekend and his loved ones looking like idiots together.

Orange is our "Team Angus" colour as Dad was a fiery, strong ranga and would have loved the idea that fashion came last with that choice on course.

This is about ending an insidious disease as soon as possible so it doesn't do to others what we could not avoid and we ask you to join us by supporting with a donation of anything you can give.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kamand M


Renee Levings

Such a great cause and an amazing legacy for your Dad. Go Team Angus!!!


Bella & Will Quinlivan

Well done Matty and team!!



Go Team Angus!! Good luck walking up the stairs next week... maybe WFH.


Cherie & Shano

Cheering you on Matt and team Angus!!


Tim & Alyce



Good Luck MattyB



Have a go you bludger! Love Mia


Amit S


Brenton Ellis


Patrick Mcgrath


Paul Luczak


Milla Burgess

All the dollar bucks I could find. Go get ‘em daddy boy! ‘Run weeeeally fast’ Love Milby


Matt Burgess


Mates Daycare



Ready to rumble!!