Matthew Muir

Challenge in the Tropics 2022

Will you support my fundraising?

In May, I’ll be joining the 2022 Challenge in the Tropics, cycling upto 680 kms over five days.

Why am I taking on this challenge?

Because I’m committed to making a real impact for cancer research at Mater.

As part of the challenge I’m aiming to raise valuable funds to support the work of Mater Research—Mater’s world-class research institute that’s investing in some game-changing work into the causes, treatment and prevention of cancer.

And this is where I need your help.

Together, we can help to give more families more time together; to make more memories. 

Will you support my fundraising by making a donation to my fundraising page today?

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Vic G

No 6 please or anything with a 6


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Good on you Matt


Sean Hughes

Great cause and good for you.


Prestige Solutions

All done mate lucky 19 for me





Scott Carpenter

Onya Mad Dog





Good work Matt!!


Aaron Bylos

Go hard mate.


Steve Russell

Great work mate. Looking forward to seeing you smash this fundraiser - and to riding with you again. 💪


Alexander Mena


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Adrian Judd

Enjoy the journey


Richard Gray

Go Hard Mad Dog don't listen to Whippsy he's soft


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Good luck mate, great cause.


Craig Daniel


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Love your work Mad Dog!


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Pirie Homes

Always lead never follow


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Ride harder!



All the best Mad Dog on your ride



Good luck Great cause



Good on you Mad Dog. Lucky #7 for me.


Dave Mcleans


Graeme Rooney

Well done Matt, have a great ride !


Damian Chapelle


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