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My experience

I am sharing my experience with treatments for cancer because my desire is that this improves for people in the future. 
I’m Nov 2019 I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer. The tumour on the left side of my throat was about 5 1/2 cm long and had spread to my tongue and the surrounding lymph nodes. It was a very serious diagnosis and I was told I needed to urgently start a very aggressive treatment process. 
When treatment started I had a tube inserted into my stomach for when I would no longer be able to eat. I did 7 weeks of Chemo and radiation. The treatment both saved my life and nearly killed me. 
I spent many days in hospital and lost 25kgs over the course of the treatment and the proceeding months. I was not able to have the last dose of chemo because I was too weak and my body would have likely not survived it. I could not eat, could barely breath, spent hours on the ventilator every day and pretty much every time I tried to inject liquid food into my stomach, I would vomit it up, causing more pain to my throat. I was on extreme levels of pain killers and was still experiencing pain beyond anything I thought possible. 
That treatment took me about 12 months to recover from. Ongoing I have very few working saliva glands, my thyroid is damaged and my throat and mouth is highly sensitive to spices.
In Nov 2021 I was diagnosed with a metastasised lung cancer from the original tumour. This cancer was picked up during a routine ct scan. The treatment this time was surgery. During the craziness of everything opening up a covid running rampant around me, I was having a third of my right lung removed. 
This treatment was a lot less traumatic than the first one but still pretty bad. I am still young and fit however so I was back training and could run 5kms again 6 weeks after surgery. 
Now I use fitness as my anchor for keeping my physical and mental health well. The trauma my body has undergone has changed me and I know that if I have to face any treatment in the future, my best chance of survival is by being as fit and well physically and emotionally before I need it. 
Thank you for reading and thank you for your support. Any improvement to treatment means less trauma and a better quality of life for patients in the future 💋

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Michelle Caterson



Thank you for sharing your story. Your honesty and courage is to be commended x



Proud of you Mcat and so sorry to hear of your battle. You will kick butt as always 💪


Angela Caterson


Leanne Curtis

Thank you for sharing your journey MCat. You are one of the strongest people I have ever met. Take care xx





Scott Martin


Marya Barton

You’ll smash the challenge! Good luck from the Bartons.



Such an inspiration and a lovely lady to boot 🌸


Peta Norris

Oh Michelle, how terrifying for you. Your commitment to beating this is very inspiring. Wishing you all the best


Ellie Scott

Go Michelle, best of luck xx


Kelly Quessada

You are such a legend and I love you.


Lyn & Alan Platt

Your a Trooper Shell, 🚲 Ride Safe💞


Peter Dakovic


Mum & Dad

Your attitude to life has amazed everyone. We love you dearly 🥰❤️💕


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Love your work


Linda Davison

Go Michelle!



Love you beautiful woman.


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You are an inspiration Michelle


Angela Sippel