RACQ International Women's Day Fun Run

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Breast cancer is something that has affected my family quite strongly - in her early 30's, my Mum (Deb) was diagnosed and had a mastectomy and her lymph nodes removed. My Pop also had a double mastectomy! It is highly likely that I too will have to face the challenge of breast cancer in my future!

I'm raising funds to support people diagnosed with breast cancer, providing things like counselling, wigs and mastectomy bras. As little as $58 can make a profound impact and take some of the stress off people with breast cancer and their families. Will you help me?

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Deborah Reilly



Jenny Reilly

You are my rock star Teagie xo


Georgina Clutterbuck

You can do this! You're an excellent runner :D Just pace yourself and put one foot in front of the other <3


Jessica Seittenranta

May you not go all out on your first attempt to run, and make it to the main event.






Saron Shead

Hahaha just so it's not even




Erin Ventura

Enjoy the sweat!


Geoff D

You go girl!


Dan Dan

Left foot, right foot, body follows! You can do it. xo


Britt Wood

You got this Teags!!



Go Teags! X


Shaun Reilly


Lisa And Kelwyn Cook

Best wishes. I have enjoyed watching your running journey this far. Good luck.