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RACQ International Women's Day Fun Run 2021

I've pledged to raise at least $750

I’ve signed up to the RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run!

I'm raising funds to support women with breast cancer now and into the future by funding breast cancer research that focuses on improving survival rates, working toward a world where ALL women diagnosed with breast cancer survive.

As little as $65 can make a profound impact and take some of the stress off women with breast cancer and their families. Will you help me?

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On my way...

Monday 25th Jan
Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me with a donation. 
I’m 2/3 to my goal of $750. It’s such a great cause. The team at Chicks  in Pink do so much to educate and support women diagnosed with Breast Cancer. 
To make sure I can get through the course on March 7 I have joined the gym. I was definitely feeling sore after the first week but I’m committed!
So if you see me cringing at the top of a set of stairs...It was probably ‘leg day’ at gym and I’m contemplating how to get down without my thigh muscles screaming. 😫

If you can spare some 💰please donate. 

Getting started...

Wednesday 13th Jan
Well here I am, ready to embark on a new challenge. 

I’ve always wanted to do a ‘fun run’ but never thought I would have the confidence. 

Today I’m committing to having a go. I might not get up to a run but I promise to keep a brisk pace. ;)

Please support me and help me give back to a group that were there to support us when Mum was facing her greatest challenge. I am very thankful that mum survived her breast cancer. It was a rough time made a little better because of the Help and care she received. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Logan Campbell

Proud of you Sis. I wish you well for the run Love Logan xx


Wendy Tully

Go Wanda!!!!


Sandi Zeller

Enjoy the experience you awesome woman!


Lauren Ashby

You go girl. Looking great. Very inspiring.


Sprenger Wanda



You're an inspiration Wanda xo


Marilyn & Don Campbell

Very proud of you our dear daughter. Good luck


Neville Fischer

Good luck its a wonderful cause we lost a close friend last year and Tanya's cousin has een diagnosed and started treatment...so wish you luck and thank you.




Glenis Rogers

You are Awesome Wanda


Let It Go It Will Flow With Kristy


Nc Hair


You Have Received A Match!

Thanks to National Storage


Carol Ennis

You are such an amazing, gorgeous human being. Well done for doing this x



You go girl 👋


Bec Harding

Cheers to you one for enlisting in such a great cause. xx


Chris & Alan Thompson


Sprenger Wanda