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Challenge in South Australia March 2024 – “Smiling for Smiddy”

In March 2022 I travelled to Cairns to participate in an epic bicycle ride to raise money for Mater Foundation cancer research. Yes - I will be doing it all again in the Adelaide Hills next March!

I feel privileged to be a part of something very special. My last experience was nothing short of amazing, making lifelong friends, getting fit and raising money for crucial cancer research all at the same time. There were 60 riders comprised of two pelotons, red (my team), and our competitive rivals, the blue team.  We were heavily supported by 25 volunteers working in the background to make this event possible, providing riders, meals, accommodation, physios, bike mechanic, paramedics, road crew, and other behind the scenes support that made the journey possible. The ride was set over 5 days, riding approximately 650kms and climbing 7000 metres in elevation. I didn’t appreciate what 7000 metres of climbing really meant until I was already committed, a nasty pinch in the legs.

For a less experienced, possibly ill prepared rider, the challenge seemed daunting, impossible even to complete. On day 3 of the challenge, I clearly recall telling ‘Stinky’ (Red peloton Leader), “I don’t think I’ll be able to get up this hill”, his immediate response was, “Yes we can, we’ll all get up there”. I found myself surrounded by Red team riders, with words of encouragement and a gentle hand on the back helping me up some of Queensland’s highest hills. The wise Sharky warned, “While there’s some suffering in the way of heat, humidity, hills, crappy roads, sore bodies and the smell of road kill, both on the side of the road and within the peloton, most of the time can only be described as incredibly enriching and good for the soul”.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to participate in the Smiling for Smiddy ride, I would not have been able to do this without the support of my family, friends, work colleagues and the generosity of those that made donations to the foundation. I have my reasons for taking up the challenge, both family and friends have been diagnosed with various types of cancer. They cherish each day and hope for new advances in treatment to extend their time with the people they love. I am again asking all my family and friends to support me however you can for the Smiling for Smiddy Foundation. 

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Greg & Tania

Go Megs you rockstar!!!


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Go Megsie !!



Have nothing but admiration for you!


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Great job Megsy!


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Good luck!


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All the best




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Good luck Sarge,


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good luck and just remember to enjoy the ride!


Megan Duncan


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Have a great ride. Thank you


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Well done Megsy!! You’re a superstar!


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You got this! Go Megan.


Damien Loller

Great cause to support Enjoy the hills and stay rubber side down 🚴‍♀️


Rinaldo Coulson

You are awesome and doing a great job in everything you do xo 😜…


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You are awesome


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Well done


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Go MJ!!! Have fun and well done.



Good luck Megan


Jennifer Molloy

Well done megs



Best wishes and have fun


Scott Garrick

Go Megsy! You are an Amazing Inspiration!


Margaret Duncan

You’ve trained hard for this race, Megs..remember to enjoy each day. XX Mum.


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Go hard Megan.


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Good luck Meggs. You got this@


Alicia Harvey

Go hard Megsy! You got this.


Stacey De Moreland

Have a great ride !


Angus Macdonald


Max Mace

Go Megan, you will love the hills of Adelaide. M



Wishing you and all those involved all the best on your adventures. Great to see such willingness to help all those affected by this indiscriminate disease. Hats off to you!