Suzy's story

Suzy Collyer

At the age of 33, new mum Suzy Collyer was excited to return to her teaching job after maternity leave. So, when she received a Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis, the news was a complete shock; Suzy’s life plans were put on hold.

Suzy underwent six months of chemotherapy/radiation at Mater Cancer Care Centre, and also underwent a mastectomy. It’s no secret that battling breast cancer is a challenging experience; but for Suzy, having the support of Mater Chicks in Pink made all the difference.

During her treatment, Suzy met breast care nurses Sally and Ash from the Mater Chicks in Pink team. They provided Suzy and her family with ongoing support, including taking care of organising Suzy's treatments and appointments.

Sally and Ash provided important emotional support, helping Suzy to understand what to expect on her cancer treatment journey, and supporting her every step of the way. When Suzy's husband had to stay in the waiting room during her treatment, Sally or Ash were there to hold her hand and to sit with her.

Mater Chicks in Pink let Suzy know they were there for her, in many small but important ways. The team at Mater Chicks in Pink helped make hospitals visits much easier for Suzy by providing her with free parking tickets when she came for her treatments—this saves between $30 to $50 to park at the hospital; a cost that can really add up, on top of medical treatments. Further, thanks to support given to Mater Chicks in Pink, Suzy was able to receive a mastectomy bra to aid her recovery, post operation.

Flash forward to October 2020, and Suzy is finally back in the classroom teaching.

Suzy is beyond grateful for the support of Mater Chicks in Pink, and says that they have helped her beyond measure.

“I feel so lucky to have this second chance at life that other cancer patients don’t often get the privilege of,” says Suzy.

“I owe it to all the other patients who have gone before me to seize life today, not hold off on doing the things that I love, and to raise awareness of the importance of support services like Mater Chicks in Pink.”

Suzy thanks everyone who gets involved and raises funds and wants them to know that even though it’s hard to be a recipient of charity, it really does make a huge difference.

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