Young People

Together we can make a difference to the lives of young people.

There have never been so many young people on the planet as there are today. In Australia there are approximately 3.2 million young adults aged between 16 and 25.

Health and wellbeing during adolescence and young adulthood is vital in the successful transition to adult life. Completing an education, transitioning to employment and forming life-long relationships all occur in the vital years of adolescence and young adulthood.

Some young adults can find life pretty tough, and experience mental and physical health challenges requiring specific care.

The Mater Young Adults Health Centre Brisbane (MYAHC) is the first of its kind in Australia that is specifically for young people. MYAHC provides care for young people with serious chronic health conditions, mental health issues and problems with substance use. It is a world leading service that improves the lives of young people by providing excellent clinical care that integrates research, training, and consumer feedback.

Your fundraising will help young people now and into the future.

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Young people are an asset to be valued
not a problem to be fixed.

Together we can help young people like Paula.

Paula was struggling with addiction. Addiction meant Paula had difficulty maintaining work, education, and a social life. Sleep became a problem, work fell by the wayside, friends and family either walked away or were pushed as the drug use escalated.

It didn’t take long for Paula’s life to spiral out of control. Eventually, the drugs became the priority.

It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom, isolated from family and friends, without a job, and her health heading down hill that Paula looked for help.

She found it at Clarence Street; a free, confidential service for young people looking to change their alcohol and drug use.

Clarence Street, as part of the Mater Young Adults Health Centre Brisbane (MYAHC) includes a day program offering vocational training, therapeutic group work, recreational activities and support to prepare for work.

After receiving the support she needed, Paula turned her life around. She overcame her addiction, and joined the Youth Embassy program at MYAHC, working with Youth Consultancy, and the Clarence Street Executive to represent the voice of young people and provide feedback on the services and programs offered, to better support more youth in need.

Your fundraising can provide young people with the support they need to turn their life around.

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