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helps towards continuing the search for different ways to help people with cancer live healthier, longer lives
helps towards delivering breakthroughs that relieve suffering and help people maintain the health of their brain—to live better lives for longer.
helps towards meeting an unmet need in our community–responding to the needs of women who experience mental health issues before and after their baby is born.
help towards developing and trialing new treatments to save or prolong the lives of people with cancer
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All of us deserve the best possible healthcare.

Helping every baby receive the best start to life. 

Mater is devoted to reducing risk for babies, so more families know the joy of a healthy, happy new baby. Every year at Mater hospitals 12,000 babies are born, 2,000 babies are cared for in the Neonatal Critical Care Unit and 50 babies take their first breath on a ventilator. 

Helping clinicians and researchers push the boundaries of neuroscience

Mater are leaders in tackling the neurological conditions that impact so many Australians. At Mater Neurosciences Centre Brisbane, our researchers are continuing to unlock the mysteries of the brain. They work closely with specialist clinicians who are caring for Australians living with stroke, epilepsy, dementias, autism and intellectual disability.

Helping to stop cancer in its tracks

Mater, clinicians and researchers work collaboratively to understand the biological basis of solid and blood-borne malignancies, improving diagnostics, developing and trialling
new therapies, and improving all aspects of the management of cancer for patients (from children to adults), including palliative care.

Helping move the dial on prevention, treatment and care of chronic diseases.

Mater clinicians and researchers hold the key to a better future for diabetes sufferers. At Mater, we use multi-disciplinary research to treat and prevent the diseases that debilitate so many in our community.

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