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Sarah Anderson

At the age of 31, Sarah was diagnosed with Stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer.

People told her that they never thought someone as young as her would get breast cancer, that it’s an old ladies’ disease… but she is living proof that anyone can be diagnosed. 

Sarah noticed changes in her right breast one day... and despite the stigma around it, she Googled her symptoms and realised she should go in to get a screening. 

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Maree Beirne

Maree’s breast cancer diagnosis in 2021–described in her own words as “a terror attack on our lives”–cascaded across two countries, two generations and played out against the backdrop of a global pandemic. 

As superhero fighters often do, Maree, Arabella and their resilient family managed to band together–and find silver linings in the darkest of clouds. 

They improvised. They unearthed newfound inner strength. They even found space to sprinkle a heart-warming love story (complete with baby bump!) into the mix of their family’s shock alternative reality.  


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Keirson Dewitt

Keirson was diagnosed with Stage 3, HER2-positive breast cancer over 7 years ago, when in her late 30s.

She has been through 33 rounds of radiation before a re-occurence led to having a double mastectomy. 

Keirson went on a ‘newish’ treatment, Herceptin, which was available due to research that led to its development in the last couple of decades. 


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Ash Mondolo
Breast Cancer Care Nurse

Ash has been a nurse at Mater for 14 years.

Read as she shares a little bit about her role at Mater, to give you just an insight into the amazing impact your fundraising has in women’s lives. 

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