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We have kept it very simple to create your tribute.
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Honour your loved one with a meaningful tribute and provide a way to express hope.


Add a photo and share a story of your loved one and invite your family and friends to donate in their honour.

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What is a tribute page?

Your tribute page is yours to share. It is a place where you can leave messages of love and support, share photos and donations in memory of a loved one.

We have kept the process to create your tribute as simple as possible.

About Mater Foundation

As the healthcare needs of Queenslanders grow, so does the role of Mater Foundation. 

Mater Foundation is an iconic Queensland fundraising and philanthropic institution, committed to providing exceptional care through health, education and research. It meets a profoundly satisfying mission to improve the health and wellbeing of our community and to continue the Mater tradition of care and compassion.

Mater Foundation helps to underpin an extensive network of hospitals across Queensland, a world-class research institute and a nationally accredited education provider.