Getting started

Why do I need to register my tribute?

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Your tribute page will give you the ability to tell your family and friends about your tribute and allow them to donate online.

Where does my fundraising money go?

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Your money goes directly to Mater Foundation. If there is a specific area or Mater Hospital you would like to direct your gifts, please contact us on 07 3163 8000 or click here, to discuss further.

How can I share my tribute with family and friends?

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Once you complete your tribute page, you can share your unique page URL with family and friends. You can also post this link onto Facebook to let people know how they can donate.

What if I don't want to setup an online page?

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We have physical donation cards that we can send to you or directly to the funeral home. Please contact us on 07 3163 8000.

How do I deposit funds that I've collected?

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The best way to bank your cash donations collected is through your online tribute page with your credit card. The total donation amount will then be shown on your tribute page.

Can I use Facebooks 'Fundraisers' option to promote my event?

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Your personalised tribute page is the best avenue to have your friends and family support you. The Facebook donate now button will send money through to Mater but it comes in a lump sum and we don’t know who made the donations and if they intended to support an individual’s tribute page.

With this we are unable to link any funds raised on Facebook to your tribute page.