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Margaret and Aisling

Sisters Margaret and Aisling are the kind of people who need no introduction.

The pair have a quiet strength,  and are looking for every opportunity to make the most of things, but both of their lives turned upside down within a few weeks of each other.

Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2020, and Aisling just six weeks later.

“At first, there was lots of fear. It was a very scary time, going into the unknown. I'd never spent time in hospital before,” said Margaret.

“It was really quite shocking, because we were still a bit in shock with Margaret. We are both single mums which made it even harder,” said Aisling.

Both sisters went through treatment at similar times – and they are both so incredibly thankful for the support that people like you provided through their journeys of treatment. Aisling said that for both of them:

“The team of people that we had, just the confidence we had in them for our treatment was huge. It’s just such a comfort to be confident in the support you have, when something so big is happening. The team at Mater were wonderful, absolutely wonderful,”

“Having those practical things from Mater Chicks in Pink given to us after surgery, those extra things you need but don’ t think of… I can’t speak more highly of them. Thank you!”

Last year, the sisters took on the RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run - Your Way, virtual event, choosing a 5km course in their local area, and rallying the support of their whole community, as far as the other side of the world!

“We had our whole family, all our siblings, our school community, we even had people walking in Ireland and in England as part of our Fun Run team… And it was really good for the kids as well to see this positivity coming out of our diagnoses.”

Margaret and Aisling are so amazing that despite the immense challenges they’ve faced together, they managed to start a business: Lula self-warming eye masks. Check out the website to find their range of self-warming eye masks!

The pair have used their new-found success to spread the message about cancer awareness and testing.

And with your help, they too are aiming for no more breast cancer deaths by 2030. Thank you!

“I would like to thank everybody that's fundraising and participating. I hope you know that you really do make a huge impact, both practically and emotionally for people going through breast cancer. We feel really supported and can’t thank you enough.”

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