Mater Chicks in Pink

Thanks to your support, Mater Chicks in Pink is able to provide a range of free support services, programs and items to more than 1000 women with breast cancer treated at Mater each year.

Without your help, we simply wouldn't be able to provide these women with the support they need, when they need it most.

Counselling services

Offering emotional support to women and their families during cancer treatment.

Mastectomy bras

Providing a mastectomy bra can help restore a woman's sense of confidence after breast removal surgery.

Financial support

Mater Chicks in Pink provides financial support on an as-needs basis, including hospital parking vouchers.

Art therapy program

Mater Chicks in Pink's art therapy programs help women to explore their feelings and share experiences in a supportive, creative environment.

'Mum, memories and me' program

This program involves helping terminally ill patients put together memory boxes for their loved ones, with the support of a specially qualified counsellor.

Yoga therapy

Yoga assists women in regaining movement following surgery. Yoga also teaches relaxation methods to help improve patients' emotional wellbeing.

Mater Chicks in Pink also funds potentially life-saving breast cancer research which will have a profound impact in the lives of women with breast cancer. Read more about Mater Chicks in Pink

Every dollar makes a difference.


Help provide families with emotional support during treatment by funding specifically designed counselling programs.


Help restore a woman’s sense of confidence after breast removal surgery by providing her with a mastectomy bra.


Help a woman feel more like herself after chemotherapy-induced hair loss by providing her with a wig or scarf to wear.


Help provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to a woman during treatment by providing her with access to meditation and yoga.

We can't do it without you!

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