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Noosa Triathlon 2022

Why we Tri

Brian, Dan and Gavin have committed to being part of Team Smiddy at the 2022 Noosa Triathlon.

That means in October, we'll be taking on a 1500m swim, 40km ride and 10km run! Yes, I’m ncr again we'll be pushing our bodies to the limit.

Why are we taking on this challenge?

Because cancer has touched all our families and because we're committed to the long, hard road to fight cancer.

As part of our challenge we're raising funds for ground-breaking research at Mater into the causes, prevention and treatment of various types of cancer.

And this is where we need your help.

Will you support our fundraising by making a donation today?

We appreciate the current worldwide climate presents financial challenges for all families. We would be grateful if you could commit any contribution to our fundraising.

Thanking you for your support,

Brian, Dan and Gav

Thank you to our Sponsors


Decipher Bureau

Good luck Gav!!



Good luck Gav!


Robert Di Sipio

Nice work Dan and goodluck!


Daniel Rush



Good luck Brian!


Peter Egan


Alaine Bull

Go Brian / Dad! You’ve got this (again)! Alaine, Rory, Hugh and Milo xxx


Aunty Anne Snell

Go Adventure Dan


Rob Ward

Awesome work mate


Brian Spooner


Simon O'brien

Such a good cause, thank you for your commitment to this! Good luck, Gav.


John Proctor


Capes Family

Good luck team!!


Jordan De Smet

Great cause mate - well played, and good luck on the day :)


Nicole Gartrell

Good luck Brian! What a great cause ❤️


Lorna Brown

Fabulous cause Brian! All the best!


Tim Laven

Swim is going to be the strong leg this year!


Steve Canale

Go fo gold


Bull Guitars


Mat Eccleston

Good on you for doing the triathlon!


Kylie And Luke

Go Rushie!!


Andrew Matthews

Well done Brian.


Clayton Stewart


Sebastian Peach

Good Luck Dad!!!


Luke Hinton

Good on ya, Brian. Fighting the good fight.


Genelle Leo

Admiration Brian, your efforts certainly demonstrate a true commitment and dedication to a great cause.