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Noosa Triathlon 2021

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Hi everyone,

If you have made it this far into the website I hope you have already decided to make a donation to this great cause - so rather than using this message to say 'Please', I will use it to say 'Thank you'. 

If you assume that a cure for cancer can be developed, the question of 'If' disappears and it just becomes a question of 'How' and 'When'. Your donation will greatly help the work being done on the 'How' and to accelerate the 'When'. On behalf of everyone who may benefit in the future from your generosity - I say Thank You.

Best regards,

Tim O'Brien

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Liam Kelly

Well done big fella. Don't leave anything out on the course


Dan Grieve

Good luck Tim, this is a great cause!


Lloyd Parker

Good luck with the tri


Stewart Butel

Good Luck Tim! Its a worthy cause! Stewart


Nick Bottos


Mark Couchman

Better you than me!!


Lori Graham

Hi Timbo! Dougie and I both send you our support - you are a legend and it's great to see you flying the flag for us oldies! Hope you smash it!! Lori x


Brent Williams


Anthony Hutton

Good luck with the ride Tim - a great cause.


Michelle Ralston

Go Tim go! All the best for the race.





Great effort for a great cause. Well done Tim and best of luck.


Kerry Stringfellow

Good Luck, Timbo.


Jenny O'brien

I'm so proud of you Timbo! Good luck.


Robyn Wallace

Well done Tim


Doug And Michelle Morel

Good on ya! Tim.


Greg Chalmers

Great initiative Tim - good luck and enjoy


Mick Jones

Such a great event!


Peter Zsitvai

Great cause Tim - great practice before you compete next year!


Timothy Obrien


Takayuki Iimura

Good luck!


Liam And Kim Barry

Great stuff Tim - best of luck for the triathlon and well done raising money along the way. Liam and Kim


Elleni Sultana


Mr Hajime Tanaka

Good luck, Tim!!!


Mike Rowlands


Kosaku Suzuki

Respect you to resume to join this race. Good luck! 


Ted Watanabe

Good luck Tim.


Kentaro Araki


Kate Green

God luck Tim!


Troy King

Good on you Tim and good luck for the event!


Paul Petherbridge

Good luck Tim - a great cause and I would imagine a stunning course as well.




Wes And Kerry Clark

Good Luck Timbo


Mark Ostwald

I will see you on course


Hiro Mizuno

Wish your greatest result !!