Tim O'Brien

Noosa Triathlon 2023

I am taking on Noosa Triathlon 2023!

Hi Everyone,

If you have made it to this website I am hopeful that you plan to make a donation - so rather than saying "Please", I will preemptively say "Thank you".

Your donation will do noble work - Melanoma, prostate, ovarian and breast cancer research. 

If you do not know of anybody who has been touched by cancer, you are blessed. If you do (like most people) this is a chance to help make a difference - the cures will be found, but it will take research, and research takes money. 

Your donation will directly contribute to the research and therefore to the cure.

Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Jellinbah Group



See you there!



You are a machine Tim! I am constantly in awe.


Anthony Hutton

Great work Tim - good luck for the race!


Michelle Ralston

Go Tim!


Greg Chalmers

Great to see you back in the event and be able to support. Enjoy the day


Hajime Tanaka

Wish you the best!


Mark Couchman

Well done for backing up again!!


Tania Fitzgeralds

Knock it out the park Tim, such life changing research. Cheers Tania


Daisei Yamamoto

All the best!


Kate Green

A very worthwhile cause. Good luck Tim.


Dominic Carroll


Scott Wimberley

Tim, well done for participating again– but more importantly the fundraising to help develop a cure. Nice work!


Ross Mcconachie


Simon Horrocks


Ben Armitage

Good luck Tim!


Hiroyuki Nakamura


Paul Petherbridge

Good luck Tim !


Jenny O'brien

Go Timbo! Wish I could be there in person to support you.


Wes And Kerry Clark

Good Luck Timbo