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Whether you wish to set up an online tribute so friends and family can join in a celebration of the life of a loved one, organise a group collection in lieu of flowers or just a one off personal donation, each special gift in memory of your loved one is a gift of hope for the future.

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These gifts will go towards health care and research not only today but for future generations.

In Memory

In 2019 Sahra’s beautiful boy, Humphrey, was born asleep.  In memory of Humphry, Sahra and her family set up fundraiser for the Mater Bereavement Services at Mater Hospital, Brisbane.  

They wanted to thank everyone for their support to their family during this very difficult time.

Our goal was to raise enough funds to be able to dedicate a room to grieving parents, that looks more like a home rather than a hospital room.

It would be a better place for families to spend time together, providing a safe grieving space.

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Dad’s cancer diagnosis was overwhelming, both for him and our family. However, he could not speak highly enough of the care and support he received from the amazing staff at the Cancer Care Unit at the Mater Redlands Private Hospital. They provided outstanding care and support to both Dad and our family during a very difficult time in our lives.

Our family chose to support the Mater Redlands Cancer Care Centre in recognition of the amazing level of care they provided to Dad. They made him feel comfortable, welcome and supported and managed his treatment so well throughout Dad’s illness.  

In loving memory - Greg Pickles