Emily Ryu

International Women's Day Fun Run presented by Queensland X-Ray

I’m part of the International Women’s Day Fun Run!

I'm raising funds to support women with breast cancer now and into the future. 

By making a donation, you can play a part in improving treatments and care for women diagnosed with breast cancer.  

When you donate, you’re helping to support counselling services and supply practical items like mastectomy bras and wigs after surgery and chemotherapy.  

You’ll also be supporting world leading research that focuses on improving survival rates and working towards a world where ALL women diagnosed with breast cancer survive. 

Ultimately, you’ll help make life easier for women with breast cancer today and save more lives tomorrow. 

As little as $65 can make a profound impact and take some of the stress off women with breast cancer and their families. Please, if you possibly can, will you donate today? 

My Team

Abbey Bourke

Abbey Hughes

Abbey Capper

Adrian Smith

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Agustin Aquique

Anna Hughes

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Ava Knox

ava daley

Aveeshkha Iyer

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Caitlin Lester

Charlotte Treschman

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Charlotte Crane-Plant

charlotte steele

Charudhi Mathavan

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Chloe Kennedy

Chloe’s Friend

Claire Kim

Connor Hall

Cristy Sun

Daisha Bertram

Daniel Tan

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Danielle Bourke

Elizabeth Oelrichs

Elizabeth McIver

Elizabeth Wilson

Ella Knox

Ella Woolley

Emilie Bourke

Emily Chang

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Emily Ahern

Emily Lester

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Emily Ryu

Erin Condon

Fernanda De Mattos

Freya thomson


georgia daley

Gerald Yeung

Grace Gillies

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Grace Roberts

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Harrison Butler

Harrison Cole

Heather Glasgow

Helen Allard

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Isla Thomson

Jace Haley

Jack Webb

Jack Butler

Jaclyn Wentworth

James Butler

James King

Jasmine Chang

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Jeanne Maitre

Jess MacOwan

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Josie Bird

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Karl Brandle

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Kate Webb

Katie Veitch

Kim Dutton Chang

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Kirsten Murphy

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Kylie Webb

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Lara Nel

Lara A-Izzeddin

Leah Kennedy

Lei Zhang

Leila Allard

leslie choi

Lijuan Xiao

Lila Stewart

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Louise Maitre

Mateo Pocknee

Matthew Burgess-Limerick

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Mia Hall

Mia Cole

Milan Boelke

Naomi Jones

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Narelle Thomson

Nathan Mildwaters

Neve thomson

Nick Bourke

Nisha Iyer

Olivia R

Olivia Fellingham

Olivia Bourke

Patricia Aishford

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Rachel Feldman

Renee Chan

Rita Ransome

Ros Midgley

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Rowena Lester

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Sam Pallan

Sarah Thompson

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Sarah De Mattos

Seron Baek

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Shannon King

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Sierra Hudson

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Sigourney Sun

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Sophia De Mattos

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Sophia Stone

Susannah Treschman (C)

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Sylvia Du

Tharushi Mathavan

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Tiegan Riley

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Wen San Tan

William McIver

Yarrah Zhang

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Zoe Renton

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