Jaqui Lagaya

International Women's Day Fun Run presented by Queensland X-Ray

I’m part of the International Women’s Day Fun Run!

I'm raising funds to support women with breast cancer now and into the future. 

By making a donation, you can play a part in improving treatments and care for women diagnosed with breast cancer.  

When you donate, you’re helping to support counselling services and supply practical items like mastectomy bras and wigs after surgery and chemotherapy.  

You’ll also be supporting world leading research that focuses on improving survival rates and working towards a world where ALL women diagnosed with breast cancer survive. 

Ultimately, you’ll help make life easier for women with breast cancer today and save more lives tomorrow. 

As little as $65 can make a profound impact and take some of the stress off women with breast cancer and their families. Please, if you possibly can, will you donate today? 

My Team

Aaron McCaskie

Abhilasha Tomar

Flight Centre Travel Group (C)

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Alice Rogers

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Alison Rapisarda

Amelia Marie Ashton

Analeigh Peoples

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Andrew Chapman

Anna Dileo

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Anna Watts

Anna Roads

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Arianne Reverente

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Ashton Cox

Barbara Roads

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Ben Robison

Ben Beran

Briana Hindmith

Callan Atkins

Cassy Nguyen

Charlotte Risby

Charlotte Walker

Cheryl Colyer

Clay Novello

Clayton Ganley

Daniela Salvestro

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Elizabeth Willisson

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Emily Atkinson

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Emily Cronin

Emma Scott

Emma Humphreys

Gabrielle Shephard

George James Heyneke

Gina Calder

Greg Roads

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Jackie Lefebvre

Jaqui Lagaya

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Jenny Fitzpatrick

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Jessica Arellano

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Jessica Shephard

Jody Thomsen

Jonalyn Mercado

Karla West

Kate Laird

Kelly Spencer

Kerry-Anne Walker

Kiyah Langford

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Korey Fisher

Kristelle Cooney

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Larissa Ferguson

Lauren Grogan

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Lauren Aldridge

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Leata Alaimoana

Leesa Novello

Letecia Wilson

Lily Walker

Lily-Emma Restivowebb

Liz Taylor

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Lydia Fautua

Madison Ive

Maria Bodero Rivadeneira

Marieke Tucker

Mathew Ryan

Meagan Bebendorf

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Meg Ruddy

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Michelle Johansson

Michelle Degenhardt

Missy Drury

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Natalia Porras Perez

Nicole Flecklin

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Pearl Bayarsaikhan

Peter Heslop

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Rachel Breitenstein

Rachel Alaimoana

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Rachelle Halcrow

Raina Ahmed

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Rebecca Sippel

Relvee Sanchez

Revleen Sanchez

Richard Humphreys

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Richie Mosese

Rosemary Preston

Sabrina Gruenbauer

Sandra Lee

Sascha Rogers

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Scarlett Ruddy

Scott Schulte

Sebastian Bailey

Selena Byrnes

Sienna Degenhardt

Stephanie Fallon

Stephanie Hogno

Steven Doolan

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Swati Sacheti

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Tai-Leigh Steffens

Tara Callac

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Tyla Fautua

Tyler Higson

Vivienne Ip

Zoe Cox

Zoe Novello

  • Thanks to your support, Jaquilyn Lagaya has raised enough for 1.0 hours of research lab time.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gabe King


Jonalyn Mercado


Shannen Gray

Go Jaqui !!! Run fast xxxx


Sam Gray