2021 FNQ Smiddy Challenge

Day 2 Blog—3 May 2021

Port Douglas to Atherton

Day 3 BLOG BY: Gaz, Chuck and Dr B (Team Epic Consulting)

Stat’s Day 3

Distance:       135.3 kms

Average:       22.6 kph

Max Speed:   57 kph

Ride time:     5:58

Elevation:      1423 metres

Temperature: 15 min / 32 max


After a great night sleep at the Oaks Port Douglas, the riders and crew rose to a slight drizzle and a top buffet brekkie to get us ready for a big day of riding. This setup is usually very easy, but some found the coffee ordering system a little challenging (Mr Smiddy!) and despite repeated efforts to secure a soy chai frappe being delivered to the table, had to resort to a takeaway iced tea just as riders were leaving.

Peloton 1 were ready and rearing to go at 0630 and were rung out by Prue. Peloton 2 received their wake-up calls and dragged themselves out of bed closer to 0700, rung out by Luisa.

On the road, we headed north with a slight tail wind before turning left and prepping for the climb up Rex’s Pass to the tablelands. Once our police escort arrived we released “The Rowski” who smashed the Strava segment for the climb in a cracking time of 16 minutes and 22 seconds. He reckons he could have gone faster, but without his “domestic” aka Sharky close by he needed to stop for a pee. Well done Row. Our vegan / vegetarian friends also reminded us that 3 of the 10 fastest today were non-animal consumers. Good for you guys.

On the other hand, we need to discuss Peloton 2 who tried to catch the last train from Port Douglas. Unfortunately, their plans were derailed and once they got themselves back on track were able to push through the rest of the climb. On a positive note, Ryan has offered a 90% discount on any new bike products Peloton 2 may need to repair their faithful steeds. On a serious note, it is really good to see all riders back in their saddles and completing the day. Well done folks.

The climb also answered the age-old question of what happens when an accountant and a gynecologist spend a lot of time together – they fiddle the books!! Thank you Geevsey and Tal, it is very comforting to know that you both are able to look after our most important assets.

The massive brains of these two could also have helped Booba who was borrowing Killer’s gravel bike while his new cranks are being shipped express post from Japan. We got a call through the two-ways that a rider was in need of a Di2 charger because their front derailleur was not working and it was likely a battery malfunction. Soon after, another call came through to stand down because Booba realized that if he pushed the left gear lever just a little bit harder the cable would engage the mechanical control and the chain would change rings. Miracles do happen on Smiddy rides!

We faced a few other challenges on Day 3:

  • Di was attacked by a swarm of African Crutch Bees
  • Lou remembered why she should not ever ride behind Brighty after he has smashed 2 litres of baked beans for breakfast
  • Wongy enjoyed the full gin experience at lunch, maybe a little too much and forget where she had put the sunglasses that were in her helmet while her helmet was on her head
  • We understand Ryan is very well endowed, with a huge deck whereas John Masson acknowledged his medium to small-sized deck was only suitable for a skateboard or two

There was a lot of traffic today and we need to acknowledge the efforts of our road crews, Copey and the QPS and ride leaders who have been keeping us safe. It is great to take the piss, but behind all of this is a dedicated group of largely volunteers who take their roles incredibly seriously to ensure we all get home safe.