Our supporters stories

Tom smiling in his Team Smiddy tri-suit at the 2018 Noosa Triathlon.

Tom Leworthy

In 2015, Tom was living in Abu Dhabi with his young family. He was fit, healthy and in the prime of his life—before his world was tipped on its head.

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Joel Staite

Meet Joel: a living, breathing, smiling example of the ‘Smiddy spirit’.

An ordinary guy doing extraordinary things in the face of gut-wrenching adversity.

Staite has been fighting his personal cancer battle since being first diagnosed in 2016, aged 31, and is still giving back to others like him.

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Claire Schneider

I OWE my love of cycling to Dad.

I support Mater Smiling for Smiddy to honour his memory.

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FAMILY outfit “Team Angus” has really become part of the furniture at Noosa Tri.

Even young Tom Burgess– wearing his tri suit backwards – owning a slice of Noosa Tri folklore.

Who’d have thought Tom’s feats in lycra would become so legendary? (Who knew the zip goes at the front, anyway?!)

“Team Angus” – a family of long-time Mater Smiling for Smiddy supporters who have contributed over $250,000 to cancer research efforts...

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