Today marks the 17th anniversary of Adam Smiddy’s tragic passing. 

Written by: Mark "Sharky" Smoothy

6 August 2023.


Today, we wish to extend our love and light to David, Paul, Bek & the entire Smiddy family and double down on our commitment to continue funding vital cancer research and patient care advances. For everyone who has contributed to our mission—including those taking on Noosa Tri in a few months’ time or the Adelaide Hills next March and your generous supporters—thank you. 

With mateship, spirit and teamwork in our hearts, we pause to remember Adam, and indeed everyone lost to cancer within our shared community. 

Each year, I get the privilege of writing words about Adam and despite the 17 years since we lost our mate, I never seem to struggle or stumble for words. Adam's spirit always infuses me with the passion to share intricately entwined thoughts from my mind and feelings from my heart.

On August 6, 2006, we lost Adam to his battle with melanoma. At just 26, he still had a lifetime of experiences in front of him. This year Adam would have turned 43. In the time since we lost Adam, he would have had 17 more birthdays, probably still doing physiotherapy, caring for others in their time of need and combining his love of sport and travel. 

I am sure, he would be lining up to complete his 20th Noosa Triathlon, and I have no doubt in my mind that he would have found that elusive loving partnership that he craved for and would have had at least two or three children by now.  

But mostly he would have had 17 more wonderful years of experiences with his beloved family and closest friends. While it's impossible to bring Adam back, I think I knew him well enough to know how proud he would have been of the incredible work that has been created in his name.  

Through Adam’s passing, Mater Smiling for Smiddy have made its mission to fund cancer research and patient care that has translated to treatments and outcomes that sadly my mate didn’t have at the time.  You have helped to create this incredible impact. We cannot bring Adam back, but I am so proud that through Mater Smiling for Smiddy we keep his memory and legacy alive.