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Far North Queensland Smiddy Challenge 2021

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My target 500 kms

Why I ride

In May, I’ll be taking on the Far North Queensland Smiddy Challenge. Cycling up to 410 km over three days (I know, I’m sore just thinking about it).

Why am I taking on this challenge?

Because I’m committed to making a real impact for cancer research at Mater.

As part of my challenge I’m aiming to raise valuable funds to support the work of Mater Research—Mater’s world-class research institute that’s investing in some game-changing work into the causes, treatment and prevention of cancer.

And this is where I need your help.

Together, we can help to give more families more time together; to make more memories. 

Will you support my fundraising by making a donation to my fundraising page today?

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My Updates

COVID-19 Vaccination

Wednesday 31st Mar
Done (1 of 2)

New Cycle Path In Indooroopilly

Friday 12th Mar
This will be a great addition to the River Access in Brisbane. 

Gold Coast Ride 2014

Monday 15th Feb
This is a blast from the past

There is always an excuse not to train!!

Wednesday 3rd Feb
Some excuses are better than others. 
Early morning at the Mater waiting for a baby!

Training is slow!

Sunday 31st Jan
Last week I was up at Noosa, this week back in Brisbane. 

Training in Covid Lockdown

Wednesday 13th Jan
Its not great wearing a mask when cycling but we only had a 3 day lockdown!

Got to start somewhere!

Wednesday 13th Jan
Whoops, Xmas, Covid and generally being lazy have really taken their toll! I have set a target weight of 84kg before the Ride in May. Stretch target will be 76kg!! 

2021 Smiddy Challenge

Sunday 10th Jan
I have decided to take part in the 2021 Far North Queensland Smiddy Ride in May. 410km over 3 days. I hope to raise funds for the great research undertaken by Smiling for Smiddy and the Mater Foundation. All donations will go directly to Foundation. I will be funding the costs of the flights, meals and accomodation myself. I hope to raise funds, get fit, lose weight and explore more of this amazing country.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Phillip Green


Tal Jacobson


Ben Kroon

I just want to see you at 76KG!!


Paula Dillon

Go Tal! 🚴‍♀️


Brad Briggs

Good on ya Tal!!


Scott Gwyn

Good luck Tal , great cause !! 🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️


Bronwen Byrne

Good luck


Julie Buchanan

Good luck Tal!


Peter Barrett




Laurie Hearley

Such a great cause, enjoy the ride Tal.


Gian Capati


Suzanne Bertrand


Paul Bretz

Wish I could join you Tal! Enjoy, and we’ll done on the funds you’ve raised.


Seymour Jacobson

Go Tal! Our thoughts will be with you, (or with your sore bum....!)


Stephen Cattanach

410 km un 3 days!


Warren Holmes

Good Luck Tal - Don't worry about the weight - carb loading is sensible strategy!


Phillip Cowlishaw


Chris Wyeth

Good effort Tal


Carole Marco

Great effort Tal! Very proud! Mumum xxx


Andrea Garrett

Good luck!!


Michael Wynn-williams



Good Luck Tal, You can do it


David & Bec Moore

Happy riding, TJ!


Jackie Collins

Great work Tal forva great cause.


Ana Wiggett

Go for it Tal. Have a great weekend.


Marissa Brennan

Good luck to a great cause!


Christopher Maher

Good Luck Tal, You can do it


Catherine And Bill Bultitude

Good on you Tal


Josh Collins

Good on you Tal. Best wishes.


Katie Christensen



Good on you Tal! From one biker who thinks cancer needs to f-off to another. 🚴‍♀️


Esther Jacobson

I’m assisting you by rationing your peanut butter access


Jo Dale

Go Tal! Good cause for you and Smiddy



Good on you Tal. Have a great ride!!


Elise, Chris And Emilie Helliwell

Well done Tal :) good luck with your training x



Happy cycling Tal! Stay safe!


Robyn Aldridge


Nerea Mcpike


Rob Butler

Good cause TJ!


Orly Jacobson

Good job Dolly, get some vaseline!




Robert Watson


Joy Chakraborty


Cosmos Nicolaou


Albert Jung

Go Tal!!